Fibre Subdivisions

We have been installing fibre in subdivisions around the country for more than five years. During 2013 we are migrating these subdivision to the same technology as our new UFB network.

For the last five years we have been working with WorldxChange to deliver services to homes in these subdivisions. With the changes we have made you are now able to order services from any telecommunications service provider that has launched their UFB-based services in your region.

New stages of existing subdivisions and all new fibre subdivisions will be built with the new UFB technology and no migration will be required.

If you are building a new home make sure you use Cat5 cabling or better to ensure you can optimise broadband speeds. We have developed information for homeowners and installers. Find out more about wiring for fibre.

Contact a telecommunications service provider within the Chorus UFB rollout areas

For a list of telecommunications service providers offering UFB-based services within our UFB rollout areas select your town or city on the map. If your town is not on this map view the table below.

Service providers offering fibre-based phone and broadband services outside of Chorus UFB rollout areas

We do offer fibre-based services to subdivisions within the other deployment regions (Christchurch, Tauranga, Hamilton, New Plymouth). Check our map first to confirm that you are connected to our network and then contact one of these service providers:

Service Providers
North Auckland Orcon, Snap, Vibe Communications, WorldxChange, Worldnet, Trustpower, Kiwilink, Megatel, Actrix, Compass, Vodafone
Waikato Snap, Lightwire, Trustpower
Taranaki Vibe Communications
Tauranga, Papamoa, Mt Manganui



Orcon, Snap


Coming soon

Christchurch, Rangiora Snap, WXC

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If you are a developer and would like to enquire about fibre in your next development contact Chorus' subdivision group on 0800 SUB DVN (0800 782 386) or email us.