Land Development

Are you planning a subdivison?

Our Subdivision Group and Property Acquisitions team can work with you to plan and deliver the telecommunications network for your development, regardless of the size. We will provide you with a quote for the work.

" Contact our Subdivision Group team by calling 0800 SUB DIV (0800 782 386) or email "

Copper or Fibre?

We are moving to a fibre world and here are a few guidelines to give you an idea of what we are likely to install:

  • Within our UFB zones: Any development will be serviced by our fibre network - visit our Network Upgrade Map to see if your development is in one of our UFB deployment zones.
  • Outside our UFB zones: Our preference is to install fibre wherever possible.  There may be exceptions, especially in rural areas, where there is no fibre infrastructure and copper is the only option

There are charges for delivering telecommunications infrastructure:

  • Within Chorus UFB deployment areas the reticulation fee is $900 (ex GST) per lot where there are four lots or more.
  • Outside our UFB zones the reticulation fees will vary depending on scope of work and can be determined by contacting the Subdivision Group.

Easement requirements

" Easements are required for both network cabling and service lead-in cables and pipes (where applicable). "

When a developer subdivides land, there is generally a requirement from the local council to provision the new lots with telecommunications supply.

New Cabling Installations

For new installations, your first port of call is to contact our Subdivision Group who can assist with the design and build of the installation.

We will require an easement where the network cabling is laid over one section of land, but it services a different section of land. Once the design of the cabling has been completed, and the section boundaries and easement areas are identified in favour of Chorus New Zealand Limited, the easement needs to be created.

Where there is existing cabling

Where cabling is already installed before the land is subdivided the developer/surveyor can have existing network cabling identified by requesting a plan from B4Udig. Again, contact your solicitor.

The Easement Process

Your solicitor will need to provide us with the survey plan of the subdivision showing easement areas in favour of Chorus New Zealand Limited, a completed Authority and Instruction Form, and an Easement Instrument:

These forms are templates, and we do not expect any amendments to the provisions of the easement instrument.

When these forms are filled out please scan and email these to: along with the final survey plan of the subdivision.

We have a team of property acquisition representatives, who will be in touch to advise who is looking after the request. Our team endeavour to have the easement executed, scanned and emailed back to you within ten working days of receiving accurately completed documentation from the solicitor.

We scan the documents so the solicitor can proceed with the easement registration and we send the original copy to the solicitor afterwards for their records.

There is a processing fee for the subdivision easements of $153.33 (including GST) that will be invoiced to the soliciter acting on our behalf after the documents are signed.

If you have any questions on the easement process email our team at

Being Fibre Ready

We also recommend that you encourage builders and purchasers to include Cat5 wiring as the minimum standard for wiring in new houses. This will ensure they can make the most of fibre but also delivers a good broadband service with copper lines. You can find out more information on Wiring for Fibre.

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