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Make sure you’re match-ready, connect your TV to fibre

The Rugby World Cup is fast approaching and this year some of the games will only be available online. To make sure you have the best streaming experience you need to get fibre installed and connect it to your TV. Demand is going to be high for fibre installations in the lead up to the event, so make sure you don’t miss out. Contact your broadband provider and order fibre today.

Our fibre installation tracker shows how many customers we can connect to fibre before the Rugby World Cup
kick-off on 20 September 2019.

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Things to know when ordering fibre:
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Lead times

Standard lead times are between 10-15 days from the time you place your order, but as demand increases your installation may be scheduled for a month or more after your order has been placed. Check your address to see the lead time in your area.


If you live in an apartment, shared driveway or rental property you may require consent. This can add more time to the fibre ordering process. Find out more about consenting here.

Calculating the tracker number: We estimate we can complete 91,800 fibre connections during the 27 week period from 11 March (the date on which our fibre installation tracker launched) and 15 September (the Sunday prior to the first game of the Rugby World Cup this year). This estimate is calculated by reference to our average installation completion rate of 3,400 fibre connections to Kiwi homes and businesses per week. On this basis, the estimate is indicative only. It may be affected by operational factors like changes in productivity and supplier capacity and factors outside of our control like weather events, natural disasters and major unplanned network outages. The tracker will countdown each week by 3,400 at a rate of approximately one every 3 minutes. In addition, for greater accuracy each month we will update the tracker with reconciled data. This will take into account the volume of orders placed, actual supplier capacity, how we anticipate this will impact installation slots and in turn the number of remaining connections we can complete.

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