Best employer

Chorus has been recognised as the Best of the Best, out of almost 150 companies, in the Aon Hewitt Best Employer accreditation, the most credible study of its kind in Australia and New Zealand. This is Chorus’ fourth consecutive accreditation as an Aon Hewitt Best Employer, and first as Best of the Best.

Each year organisations across Australia and New Zealand achieve Aon Hewitt Best Employer accreditation status. These organisations not only record high employee engagement scores but deliver outstanding people practices.

Of these accredited organisations, one is selected by an expert judging panel to receive Best of the Best accreditation. This organisation is seen to have excelled at delivering an exceptionally positive workplace experience for employees, and is recognised as the most outstanding employer in Australia and New Zealand.

Chorus' employee engagement sits at 82% in 2015

Almost 150 companies throughout New Zealand and Australia were involved in the 2015 accreditation process. This involves an employee engagement survey, an inventory of people and business practices and interviews with the CEO and HR team.

How we achieve high engagement

Never take your eye off engagement. The moment you do is the moment you start to lose it.

Mark Ratcliffe, Chorus CEO

Transparency and communication is a vital component to engagement. There are a number of initiatives to ensure Chorus people know what is going on:

  • Heartbeat - a daily company-wide conference call covering what's happening day-to-day
  • The Daily Hum - an intranet-based news that publishes at least two stories a day about activities and people
  • Bi-monthly videos from our CEO - delivering key messages
  • Chorus Day - an annual event that brings together all employees 

Download copies of the 2015 and 2014 case studies on why we achieved Best Employer status: