Health and safety

We're committed to ensuring a safe and secure environment for our people (employees and contractors), partners and customers.

"Keeping our people and our environment safe is our priority"

Chorus Chief Executive Officer Mark Ratcliffe

This means:

  • a zero tolerance for major injuries and fatalities.
  • no business objective prioritised over the safety of any person.
  • all employees have a responsibility to keep themselves safe, to actively look out for the safety of others and to speak up early if they have any concerns.

We achieve this by:

  • excellent health and safety leadership throughout the whole organisation.
  • caring about our people, our service partners, customers, visitors and the public.
  • respecting the right to go home safe and the early return to work of any injured employee.
  • positively encouraging participation by all our people so we capture everyone's experiences and feedback.
  • continuously improving our health and safety management system.
  • proactively identifying hazards and taking all reasonable practical steps to eliminate or minimise risks.
  • collaborating with our business partners to have shared commitment to excel in health and safety leadership and practices.
  • continuously monitoring and reviewing our performance on a backwards and forward looking basis so we can track our progress.
  • accurately reporting and applying our learning culture to any incidents.
  • meeting our legal obligations in relevant legislation, regulations, codes of practice, industry standards and accreditation compliance.