Products and services

Our customers are phone and broadband providers who use our products to deliver services to their residential and business customers.

Our customers

We operate an open network that many different phone and broadband providers access in order to provide innovative products and services to all types of customers.

Health and safety

Keeping our people and our environment safe is our priority. Discover what our commitment to ensuring a safe and secure environment really means.

What we do

We maintain and build a network made up of local telephone exchanges, cabinets and copper and fibre cables.

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Investor centre

Invest in New Zealand's fibre future. Chorus is rated ‘stable’ by Standard & Poor’s and its securities are traded on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.


Who we are

Chorus is more than fibre, cabinets and exchanges. It’s a team of dedicated people who go the extra mile to ensure kiwis have the communication services they need.


Our service partners

Not sure who’s knocking on your door? Get to know the invaluable service partners that work on our behalf to deliver outstanding service.