Our story

We might have changed name a few times, but we’ve been guardians of New Zealand’s telecommunications network from the beginning.

Bringing better broadband

Service providers, the industry, home and business customer have important parts to play when it comes to improving broadband performance.


Gigatown was an online and real world competition run by Chorus to help educate and inspire New Zealanders about the possibilities of ultra-fast broadband (UFB).

Leadership team

Meet the men and women leading us into the future, from our chief executive to the general manager of customer service.

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Investor centre

Invest in New Zealand's fibre future. Chorus is rated ‘stable’ by Standard & Poor’s and its securities are traded on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.


Our customers

We operate an open network that many different phone and broadband providers access in order to provide innovative products and services to all types of customers.


Best employer

Wouldn’t you rather work somewhere that’s recognised as the Best of the Best, out of almost 150 companies? That’s Chorus for you.