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More bandwidth in your home

With ultra-fast broadband everyone in your home can simultaneously enjoy internet services working as they should – from catching up on that TV show you forgot to record, to enjoying whatever tomorrow’s next generation services bring.

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Broadband at home

Online TV, high definition movies, gaming, shopping, smart home appliances - we are more connected than ever before and the internet's role in our lives will continue to rapidly evolve. As we do more online we need better broadband speed to ensure that every member of the household is getting a great experience.

With the launch of a number of online TV viewing options, it is now possible that every member of the household could be watching a different programme. Faster broadband is the key to getting a good online experience and avoiding the frustration of buffering. For a growing number of Kiwi households this means fibre and broadband plans of 100 Mpbs or more.

When we talk about fibre delivering faster broadband, we mean a lot of faster:

Broadband speed (Mbps)

As we do more and more online we really need the broadband speeds offered by 100 Mbps fibre broadband services.

To watch a standard definition TV programme online you will need broadband speeds of around 5 Mbps. For a high definition online TV programme you will need a broadband speed of around 7 Mbps or more. This is almost the capacity of many of our ADSL2+ broadband connections. If others in the household are watching another programme at the same time you may experience buffering.

VDSL broadband should provide enough speed for more than one person to be watching online TV at the same time but fibre ensures that broadband speed is no longer an issue.

And it's not just about watching online TV, downloading movies, music and gaming, all becomes faster with better broadband:

Download activity Download speed
250KB webpage 0.3sec 0.13sec 0.05sec 0.03sec 0.02sec
5MB music track 5sec 3sec 1sec 0.7sec 0.4sec
25MB video clip 26sec 13sec 6sec 3sec 2sec
4GB HD movie 1 hour
11 min
35min 15min 9min 5min

Benefits of fibre 

Not only can your household be entertained by rich data on multiple devices, but you can enjoy the benefits of smart technology in your everyday life. Fibre opens up endless possibilities.

  • Manage your home remotely: Control devices in your home and operate security systems remotely from your mobile phone. Track what time the kids get home by setting electronic access to your home and your energy use by setting alerts for when you're near your limits.
  • Remote health checks: Install medical monitoring equipment which takes automated tests and alerts your doctor if anything is wrong. In the future this may also mean a teleconference call with your doctor from home.
  • Track things that matter: Sensors can connect, diagnose and help locate your cars, lost keys, pets or even family members.
  • Organise your life: Quickly and easily back up and store all your precious photos, work files, multimedia and home videos in the cloud via any device.
  • Upskill and learn remotely: You can learn languages, attend international universities, interact in lectures, be tutored for jobs, CV writing and interview skills. Broadband over fibre lets you talk, create and collaborate simultaneously on homework and school projects with teachers from home.

The first step in getting a fantastic fibre broadband experience is to chat to your broadband provider or find a broadband provider.

If your property is in a right of way, or if you live in an apartment block, there are a few things to note when getting fibre broadband, so take a look at the consents process. Our fibre network is new and we do need to come and connect your home or business to it.

Find a broadband service provider and place an order

When we've finished laying fibre in your street you need to contact a broadband service provider to order a UFB-based service.

They'll place an order with us. We then organise a suitable time to come and connect your home to the new fibre network.

Your current broadband service provider is a good place to start. If they are not offering UFB-based services in your area check the map to see who can offer you a service.

Find a fibre broadband provider for your home

Interactive Map background
Map marker icon Map marker icon Map marker icon Map marker icon Map marker icon Map marker icon Map marker icon Map marker icon Map marker icon Map marker icon Map marker icon Map marker icon Map marker icon
  • The map only includes telecommunications service providers that buy services directly from Chorus and this is the information they have given us. You'll need to confirm with your service provider that they can provide you with a UFB service.
  • There may be other companies not listed that on sell broadband on behalf of the service providers shown.

Fibre subdivisions outside our UFB deployment areas

We have been laying fibre in subdivisions around the country for a number of years - before the UFB programme was underway.

We do offer fibre-based services to subdivisions within the other UFB deployment regions (Christchurch, Tauranga, Hamilton, New Plymouth, Whangarei and Wanganui). Check our Broadband Capability Map first to confirm that you are connected to our network and then contact one of these service providers.

If you are living in a fibre only subdivision within a Chorus UFB rollout area, go to our Getting UFB at home page and refer to the service provider map.

Service providers for fibre subdivisions

These telecommunications service providers offer fibre-based services to fibre subdivisions:

Interactive Map background
Map marker icon Map marker icon Map marker icon Map marker icon Map marker icon Map marker icon

Bay of Plenty

Tauranga, Papamoa, Mt Mauganui







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