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3 reasons your SME needs a business-grade fibre plan to grow

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August 22, 2019

Small business owners need the right technology to grow – starting with business fibre broadband designed especially for them.

Growth. It’s a goal that drives many small business owners - sometimes the only goal. While growth is exciting, it can be risky, particularly if your technology isn’t supporting you. For instance, it can be hard to grow when your workmates’ streaming puts the office on a go-slow, or if a patchy internet connection is messing with deadlines. 

Success depends on having the right tools and services set up before you grow. By building capacity now, you can leap on opportunities when they knock: to engage new customers, increase revenue and carve out a fresh competitive advantage. 

Wherever you’re at in your small business journey, it’s time to make sure your internet connection is a strong, stable foundation for growth. 

Why choose a business-grade fibre plan?

As a tool to power growth, fibre is streets ahead of other broadband connection options. For business, its speed means being able to use the digital technology you need now while setting you up for the future. 

There’s plenty of room for the whole team on a business fibre connection, and everyone gets a strong consistent experience, whether they’re browsing, streaming, sharing large files or video calling. Plus, business fibre simply keeps working reliably day in, day out – and any issues are rare. 

Head to the broadband checker to see if fibre is available at your workplace

The benefits of business-grade fibre plan

There are three key game-changing advantages that business-grade fibre plans deliver to small businesses.

1. It can boost productivity

Business fibre can handle increasing use of Cloud-based software and apps like Xero, Skype, video conferencing, unified communications and payment systems. There’s less downtime, from waiting for a large file to download, or worse, having to down tools because the internet is out. 

Instead, while video conferencing is going on in the meeting room, you can upload a 4K video file from your desk – with no lags or mid-meeting face freezes. And by improving your team’s productivity, you can innovate and create new products and services, or work on reaching more people. Business fibre can handle the data demands you throw at it today and tomorrow, as you build a client list in tandem with your reputation, and elevate your revenue to the next level. 

Rotorua’s Four Company B uses business fibre to connect with more visitors, by telling traditional cultural stories in a unique, modern way. The developers share technology-driven, projection-mapping shows at night, alongside immersive VR experience tours during the day. 

2. It enables better customer experiences 

Today’s customers have high expectations, and you don’t want your technology to slow them up or let them down. Getting the back end running seamlessly – whether that’s your social media, payment systems or file sharing – leaves you free to focus on the CX. It may even mean you can deliver products or services in a whole new way. 

You might still be working at the kitchen table, but the right technology will create a professional impression of the brand you present to the world and make your business look bigger and more trustworthy. After all, you know you’ve got this. Your customers should know it too.

Southern Hemisphere Proving Ground prides itself on providing high-performance car manufacturers with world-class facilities, including fast business fibre broadband – even when they’re halfway up a mountain.

3. It supports growth and scalability 

With growth comes greater reliance on technology. And greater risk – where a slow, patchy internet connection could mean letting customers down and missing opportunities.

While you’re still small and agile, the time is right to get the right tools in place to grow. Whether it’s about expanding your team, taking on a high profile project, or reaching new markets, business fibre’s speed and capacity help you scale, no matter how big you plan to get. 

Powerful software platforms and business apps that were once the preserve of large corporates are now more affordable as subscription-based services. Coupled with the capacity of business fibre, this technology can level the playing field for the Davids to take on the Goliaths.

After exhausting the local market, High Performance Academy now uses a fibre connection to export their dyno car tuning training platform to users around the world. 

To grow today and be ready for tomorrow, Kiwi businesses need to ask for business fibre. Business-grade fibre plans are available through most broadband providers, although it’s important to ask specifically for a small business fibre plan to ensure you get the right fibre plan to fit your needs.

Is your internet helping you grow or make you slow? Find out more about what a small business fibre plan can do for you.

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