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3 smart ways tech helps you disrupt your business

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November 29, 2019

‘Business disruption’. It’s trending on Twitter, a buzzword on news sites and a hot conversation topic at networking events. But what exactly is business disruption? And what practical improvements can you make to your business to ensure it’s the best it can be to stay competitive in the future?

The biggest opportunities facing small businesses relate to digital disruption – embracing new technologies to go beyond incremental changes, to innovate new products and services, access new markets and even transform business models.  

To understand digital disruption, consider how smartphones have disrupted other products, from music players to cameras to magazines, game consoles, stationery and torches. Even if change in your industry isn’t this dramatic, chances are, it’s happening. You can’t build a seawall against disruption, so how do you learn to ride the wave? 

Remove friction for your customers

Friction is anything that stops your customer or client in their journey from ‘wanting’ to ‘getting’. The best way to close sales while improving their experience is by creating a friction-free experience. 

Encourage a friction-aware culture, so your team is constantly on the lookout for any process that hinders, rather than helps a customer. Quite often there’s an app or another way to use technology to smooth friction. 
Today, people expect immediacy, and the ability to connect with you anytime, from anywhere. Smooth out areas of friction in the customer journey by looking at website loading times, meeting delivery promises, and responding quickly on social media. Use email automation to communicate with your customers in relevant, meaningful ways, that make it easy for them to buy from you. 

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Case study: 

Ridesharing apps like Uber, Ola and Zoomy combine technologies like GPS, digital payment functions and smartphones to remove friction from the taxi experience. They show customers where their ride is, when they’ll be picked up, and let them simply get out of the car at their destination without scrambling for cards and cash. Now you may not have the corporate spending power of Uber, but there are lessons to be learnt from how these industry disruptors are getting it right for their customers.

Reimagine your processes 

Remember that classic advice to ‘work on the business rather than in it? Many small business owners spend most of their time managing daily tasks. Time that could be spent elsewhere in your business (or even, out of your business enjoying some time off). 

Your business may have legacy systems and processes that are holding you back. The short term pain of replacing those analogue processes with digital ones soon pays off in a number of key ways – with game-changing improvements in productivity, customer service and profitability. 

Cloud-based applications can streamline and automate everyday functions, from paying the bills to checking inventory, to video calling rather than driving across town for a meeting. Switching to digital tools reduces friction and saves time for your staff, which lower the cost of attracting and retaining customers. 

Whatever challenges you face today, consider the future you want to create. Start with an in-depth look at your company’s biggest strategic and operational issues, identify your urgent priorities and easy wins, and develop a digital action plan.

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Build the right digital foundation

Harnessing the right technology can help you protect what you’ve worked so hard to build. It can make your team more productive, your customers happier and your business more profitable. But only if it’s supported by a solid, powerful internet connection. 

Fibre has the speed, capacity and reliability for Kiwi businesses that want to thrive in a disruptive era. And only a fibre broadband plan designed specifically for businesses will have enough data for the whole team and have your back, always. 

Business Restore is a special feature available on business-grade broadband plans with 24/7 service desk support to give you confidence, that in the unlikely event of network trouble, your internet will be back up within 24 hours.

What to look for in a business fibre plan 
To figure out your data and speed requirements, consider the size of your team or office, and how you mostly use your internet connection. 

You can’t fight the future. But by following the three steps above, you can equip your business with the right digital tools to tackle its challenges head-on. 

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