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Installing Fibre

Are you fibre ready?

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September 21, 2021

The value of a reliable broadband connection has been on show over the last 18 months with multiple lockdowns and more people deciding to work from home, and if you’re not already on the Chorus fibre network – you may now be considering it.

And we don’t blame you! Fibre outperforms other connection types in speed and reliability and is a dedicated, congestion-free network – which means no lagging or delays, even if the whole country is watching Tiger King on Netflix!

To help fast-track the fibre ordering process, there are a few easy bits of homework you can do in advance.


First things first, check if fibre’s available at your address using our broadband checker.

It’s also worth checking if there is an existing fibre connection at your place from a previous owner. If so, there will be a Chorus Optical Network Terminal (ONT) on an internal wall in your home (usually located somewhere discreet). The ONT will look like one of the images below:

ONT models

If you have an ONT, you’re already fibre ready and just need to activate a fibre plan with your broadband provider.

If you don’t have an ONT at your place and fibre is available at your address, contact your service provider and ask to be connected to the Chorus Fibre network.


Getting prepared for a fibre installation

So fibre’s now in your street and you’re ready to order. Nice work!  Once your order is processed, a Chorus technician will be able to visit your home to scope the work and install fibre. This can sometimes be done in a single visit or over three separate visits (depending on how complex the installation is). 

In the meantime, there are a few things to think about ahead of your appointment that will help the installation process run more smoothly. 

  1. Pre-consent

If your property is a rental, you have a shared right-of-way or you live in a multi-dwelling unit, you will most likely need consent from neighbours or your landlord for fibre to be installed.  Though we usually send through a notification pack and consent forms to those impacted, you can get pre-consent to reduce the lag time between placing your fibre order and the installation.

Consider sending those you need to get consent from an email or give them a call to let them know you’re keen to get fibre. All consent information and forms can be found here.

  1. Read up on the different installation methods

Each property is unique, so we use a variety of methods to install fibre and will recommend the best option for each property, depending on existing infrastructure to your street (such as whether your phone lines are above or below the ground) and access to your property.

Ahead of the technician’s visit, it’s good to understand what’s involved with each method and have an idea of what would be the least disruptive at your place. Keep in mind that some methods may not be viable for your property type.

  1. Think about equipment placement

The external termination point (ETP), is a small box we attach to the outside of your house and is where our network meets your home. The fibre is then run through your wall to an optical network terminal (ONT), inside your property. The ONT is a small white plastic box that will be placed on your wall.  It’s your responsibility to tell the technician where to put the ONT in your home and they will install it as per your request.

It’s important that you think about where the ONT is placed before the technician arrives as this can impact your broadband experience. Your modem will plug into your ONT so it should ideally be:

  • Centrally located in your home if possible as that’s how your WiFi works best.
  • Accessible to Internet-heavy devices such as televisions.
  • Think about what you’ll be using your broadband connection for in the future. E.g. if you’re considering setting up a new home office, you’ll need good coverage there too.
  1. The plan for install day

A responsible adult will need to be home for install day so our technicians can get into your home. If that isn’t the person who met with the technician in the first meeting, make sure you’ve shared the plan with them so they know and understand what has been agreed and is able to make a wise decision if the plan has to change.


There you have it! You’ve done your homework and are all set for a seamless fibre installation. Once your install is complete you can start TV streaming, video calling and web surfing to your heart’s content.


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