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Moving/Renovating my Home

Behold! The magic of transforming your home in just a few easy steps….

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September 07, 2020

It's spring and that means giving the home a good old spring clean. With Chorus able to install fibre in one appointment we can take care of the broadband installation at your place, while you get on with taming the troublesome spots with these tips and tricks. Professional home organiser Liz from The Tidy Lady lets us in on her secrets for transforming your home while the Chorus technicians transform your broadband in just a single visit.

Junk drawer

Every house has one, that drawer where odds and ends lurk, waiting to be rediscovered one day. Overhaul your junk drawer into a haven of the handiest items, easy to find at a moment’s notice. Want to sort out your stuff without the stress? Take a look at this how-to video with Liz from The Tidy Lady.


Rummaging around mid-recipe for your ingredients? Or perhaps you’re losing your mind trying to find those expensive vanilla pods at in the far-flung corners of your pantry. Transform your most-used household cupboard with a few easy steps and find the joy in having your food at your fingertips. Check out these easy ways to make sense of your pantry with Liz from The Tidy Lady.

Linen cupboard

Stuffed full with an array of towels, bedding and bathroom items, navigating your linen cupboard can be tricky. Knowing how to sort, fold and organise your linens will make life 100% easier, not to mention leave you with the satisfaction of perfectly-rolled blankets. Not sure where to start? Take a look at these great tips with Liz from The Tidy Lady.


Say goodbye to those over-stacked shelves, jumbled garden tools, piles of toys and mismatched old shoes, and say hello to an area where everything has its place – your garage! Thinking that you’re not sure where to start? Sort, rehome and reorganise without losing your cool thanks to Liz from The Tidy Lady.

Hall cupboard

Looking for those things that you can see in your mind, but just cannot find? They’re probably in the abyss of the hall cupboard. Often the resting place of random shoes, retro appliances, seasonal clothes and ‘just-in-case’ items, it can be a drama to find what you need, fast. Tackle this tricky space with ease thanks to Liz from The Tidy Lady in this video.


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