Broadband Basics


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June 01, 2016

Bringing you an update from our network in April. Key finding: you’ve all been keeping incredibly busy online.


All the Gigabytes


If you follow us on Facebook, you will have seen the news recently that, as a country, we hit a new high in April.


Reports show that Kiwi homes on our network are consuming more data than ever before, going through, on average, 101GB per household in April. That’s the second time this year we’ve reached peak data usage, the first being an average of 96GB in January.


Of course, there are broadband users at both ends of the spectrum across the country – some households (including many of our Facebook fans) will be using well in excess of 500GB per month, while lower users may be able to get by on much less if they’re simply web browsing and emailing.


While you may not be churning through terabytes of data every month, if there are a few people in your house using the same connection to browse, use social media, and stream online music and video, we’d recommend talking to your broadband provider about unlimited data plans to make sure no one misses out.


Speeding up


Back when dial-up connections were the norm, racking up data in today’s volumes wouldn’t have been possible.


But now the average speed across our network has increased to 27Mbps as more households across the country take up fibre or move from an ADSL copper connection to very fast VDSL broadband.


That’s almost 70% faster than just a year ago – so it’s no wonder we’re able to do more online than ever before.


If everyone on our network took up the best connection available at their address, the average connection speed could be much higher. 58% of those on our network have the potential to be on a faster technology, whether fibre or VDSL, but are yet to take it up. Our broadband checker will tell you if you fall into this group – if so, it might be time to call your provider to discuss upgrading.


Click here to find out what broadband options are available in your area.


If an upgrade isn’t available to you yet, there are still steps you can take to improve your speed. Have a read of our earlier article for some simple tips or, if you’re more technically inclined, check out this article on Geekzone.




If you would like to know more about data usage on the Chorus network, have a read over on the Download here


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