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Building a new home? Here's how to get your new place set up for fibre broadband

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May 16, 2019

Building a home from scratch is a really BIG deal. Not only is it a massive financial investment, but it's also a reflection of your personality so there's a lot of important decisions to be made... from designing the perfect indoor-outdoor flow, to mixing a custom colour for the front door, there are all sorts of different ways to make your house 'yours'. 

But while there are many aspects of the design process that are unique to you, there's one thing every new home design needs – and that's a good plan for broadband connectivity. Fibre is the best internet connection available and even if it isn’t in your street now, it very soon may be.  Today’s homes are getting smarter, with basic functions like heating, lighting, security and entertainment relying on a fast, reliable broadband connection. You’ll want to make sure your home is set up for the highest level of broadband technology available to you now and in the future.

Set your new build up for broadband success with these three steps: 

Step one: Check if fibre’s available at your address

Use our broadband checker to see if fibre’s an option at your new build’s address.  
If fibre’s not available at your new address yet, you can see if it’s coming to your area soon by checking our broadband map 

If fibre isn't available, consider VDSL, the fastest broadband over our copper network. For more information about different broadband connection types, see here. 


Step two: Research your particular fibre installation requirements

So you’ve checked the broadband checker, and fibre is available in your area. Great news! Now you’ll need to look at what’s involved in getting your property connected to fibre: 

  1. Getting fibre from the street to your new build

    Sometimes a new build site may not have fibre already built from the street to the property boundary. To get your new home connected to our fibre network, you’ll need to register on our website here. It's best to get in touch at least three months before construction starts so we have plenty of time to organise, design and build fibre to your property boundary and get you connected

    To find out more about getting your new site ready for fibre, take a look at our new property development information here.
  2. Already have fibre built to your property boundary?
If fibre’s at your property boundary, then all you need to do is order a fibre plan through your preferred broadband provider. They’ll send us your order and we’ll book an appointment with you to install fibre from the property boundary to your new home. Keep in mind though – because we need to install fibre equipment on the outside and inside walls, we won't be able to carry out the installation work until your new build is almost complete. You can find out more about getting fibre installed here

Step three: Talk to your builder and electrician about home wiring

Once you’ve organised your fibre installation, sit down with your builder and electrician and have a chat with them about the wiring and Ethernet jack points you’ll need for your ultimate broadband set-up. 

You’ll want to make a plan for your home wiring early on in the construction process, rather than waiting until your property is built. It’s much easier to get the wiring built into the walls before gibbing and painting. To give you a head start, there are two important things to consider when wiring a house for fibre:  

  • Cat6 cabling: The ideal fibre setup is Cat6 cabling in a star configuration. This is a special type of cabling that will ensure you get the most out of your fibre connection
  • Ethernet jack points: Ask your builder and electrician to include as many Ethernet jack points as possible so you can easily connect all of your devices throughout your home 

You can find more information about wiring your home for fibre here.

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