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Celebrating the Coast

Les Holmes

Our final mural for Grey District has now been completed, this one through WestREAP.

Kate Buckley, WestREAP's Creative Spaces Co-ordinator, says the artist, Les Holmes, is one of their Art4Me Artists.

"He developed and painted the design using work done by other Art4 artists Donna Hunt, Jean Guile, and Jill Cotton during Lockdown 2021.

"That's how the Art4Me application to Chorus came about - we were talking to artists regularly during lockdown and discussing creative things we could do in the outdoors.

"Artists shared idea and artworks via our website and weekly newsletter."

This design is entitled Celebration of the Coast and can be found in Greymouth's Chapel St.

Art4me is a Creative Space on the West Coast where adults can come and work on their own creative projects.

All are welcome and they make a particular effort to involve those who experience barriers to participation. Currently around 70 artists are in their network, with them seeing about 35 artists per week.

As well as weekly art sessions Art4Me regularly involve themselves in exhibitions and creative activities, such as our very own Chorus Cabinet Initiative.

"This year our artists have exhibited as part of the RAW exhibition in Nelson and at the Queenstown arts centre postcard show. Art4me also exhibited at Greymouth's Art in the Park and a special Art4Ukraine stand, full of work by Art4me artists, raised over $500 for MSF's work in the Ukraine," Kate says.

Creative spaces are organisations and places where people who experience barriers to participation can make art, or participate in artistic activities such as theatre, dance, circus, music, film and creative writing.

Barriers to participation include learning or physical disability, neurological conditions, mental ill health, age-related vulnerability (elderly or youth at risk), cultural isolation or poverty.

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