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Fibre – coming to a street near you

Chorus Dow
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May 17, 2017

Did you know that right now, under your feet one of the largest infrastructure upgrades in our generation is making its way across New Zealand? The ultra-fast broadband (UFB) infrastructure programme which is bringing some of the best broadband technology in the world to homes, schools and businesses is quite literally game-changing.


To deliver Kiwis a top notch online experience, the government has partnered with broadband infrastructure companies such as Chorus to get ultra-fast broadband to 84 percent of the country by 2025. Chorus is undertaking the lion’s share of this work and we’re nearly two thirds of the way through and a total of 708,000 homes and businesses are now able to connect to our fibre network.


The fibre rollout is being undertaken in two projects; UFB1 which began in 2011, and UFB2 which was announced by the Government earlier this year. For areas, not covered by UFB, the Government has rolled out the Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI).




As at 31 March 2017



Who’s first?


Fibre is our most popular broadband with the highest user satisfaction because it delivers the most reliable performance along with ultra-fast speeds. So it’s not surprising that you often ask us why fibre is in some areas and not in others. We and other infrastructure developers work with the government and other partners to undertake the mammoth task of laying fibre the length and breadth of the country. The government policy for the rollout was to get schools, hospitals and business areas connected first, then factors such as projects already underway, existing infrastructure, geology and topography and local planning rules all need to be considered to get fibre to Kiwi homes and businesses as quickly and efficiently as possible. Lovely tree-lined avenues are a haven for birdlife but are one of the factors that make laying underground cables rather complex.




How to find out if fibre’s available at your place


Take a look at our broadband checker to find out what’s available on our network at your place. If you’re one of the two thirds of New Zealand where fibre’s already been laid, take a look at your options on our network here.


We currently offer standard residential fibre installations for free in areas that have fibre in the street. Some broadband providers may charge a fee for installation of their equipment, so check when placing your order.




 If you don’t have fibre yet, keep calm and get VDSL


 If fibre hasn’t made it all the way to your place yet then all is not lost. Approximately 80 percent of the country can access VDSL on our network which provides a great, reliable experience for most users. VDSL uses fibre all the way to the Chorus cabinet nearest to you with a copper cable covering the last few metres from the cabinet to your home.   If you’re using the Internet for activities such as streaming TV, video calling, or uploading photos, VDSL will have you humming along nicely. And take a look at our broadband checker to see when fibre is due to be available on our network at your place.




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