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Gig no brainer CT Business Solutions Dunedin

Chorus Dow
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October 08, 2015

CT Business Solutions Dunedin offers IT support, sales and advice to business and home users. According to owner, Karlos Barltrop, fibre is at the core of everything they deliver for business. He says the Gig is a no brainer and that’s how he pitches it to clients.


[caption id="attachment_227" align="aligncenter" width="2362"]CT Business Solutions Dunedin business owner Karlos Barltrop CT Business Solutions Dunedin business owner Karlos Barltrop[/caption]


What attracted you to upgrade to gigabit fibre?


80% of our work is providing remote support from our office into the businesses and homes of our clients. When we remote in now it’s so much faster and easier to give our customers a better service.


How has improved connectivity over fibre changed your business?


Businesses of all sizes are increasingly turning to hosted VoIP (voice over internet protocol) phones. A few of our Dunedin clients with fibre broadband have VoIP. VoIP services have reduced their call costs and made it really simple to add new phones. Phone lines can be added within minutes where previously it could take days.


Is fibre helping generate more revenue?


I know some IT companies are worried about moving clients to the Cloud and letting go of their traditional stranglehold on hardware like servers. However, I see it as a huge opportunity; having the Gig and affordable Cloud solutions opens up new worlds.


Has the Gig helped reduce costs in any way?


It’s reducing costs for our clients and that’s important to us. Using high speed broadband makes it quicker and cheaper for businesses to upload and download data from the Cloud. One of the most obvious examples of this is moving away from having to make someone responsible for taking home the old back up hard drive or tape each night. There was just too much potential for human error but now businesses can store data on cloud servers automatically every night. This can potentially save businesses thousands as they may no longer need to buy expensive on site servers when they can host data and applications on a cloud based server.


Have you noticed any changes in the way you work?


Using the technology more wisely in my own business is a priority for me. Recently I found myself on a boat fishing in the middle of Benmore Dam and I was able to remote in to our system and help a client with an issue. That’s what this new technology and the Gig is all about - giving everyone more freedom and work-life balance.

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