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Hello neighbour! Getting consent to install fibre

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September 23, 2020

Deciding to install fibre is an obvious step to improving your broadband connection and unlocking faster, more reliable internet. But just like every house is different, so is every fibre installation. If getting fibre from the street to your property means accessing space you share with your neighbour, we may need consent from them before the install process begins. Here’s how we can help you get this sorted.

Do I need consent for fibre?

The need for consent varies depending on whether there is shared space on your property and on the level of impact the installation could have on that space. The two main reasons you would need consent, or to at least inform your neighbours of the planned fibre installation, are: 

  • If the installation requires any access to parts of your property that are shared with a neighbour (such as a driveway)
  • If you dwell in an apartment block, retirement village or joined townhouse

Also, if you rent your space you will need to seek consent from the owner to have fibre installed. 

To kick things off, you need to order your fibre through your preferred broadband provider. We then assess your property type to determine if your neighbour’s consent is required. 

Evaluating your consent needs

Your property will be assessed by a Chorus technician and then assigned to one of the three categories.

These categories are:

  1. Installation will have a minimal impact on the shared areas of your property

  2. Installation may have some physical impact on the shared areas of your property
  3. Installation could be disruptive to neighbours or cause a lasting effect on the shared areas of your property

To find out more about these categories, visit the Property Access page, which outlines the various types of work. 

Category one 

If you fall into category 1 then a notice of work and an approximate time of when work would begin will be issued by Chorus to you and your neighbour at least five working days prior to work commencing. In the notification pack we will outline the work we will do, including the build method that will be used to bring fibre from the street to your building.

Category two

If your property falls into category two then the Chorus information pack will be provided to you and your neighbours at least 15 days prior to work commencing. This provides the opportunity for you and your neighbours to discuss any concerns with us or to place an objection. If an objection is received, it does mean that the 15 day notice pauses while we work through resolution. Visit the objection page for more information. 

Category three

Written consent from neighbours is required for category 3 builds that affect more than one party. The information pack your neighbours receive will include a consent form for them to complete. Only when this is returned to us can the install begin. 

Consent for a multi-dwelling unit (MDU)

Multi-dwelling units like apartments or retirement villages almost always involve access to shared areas and the consents process will most often apply. 

For apartment buildings where there is a body corporate appointed, a notice and information will be sent directly to the Chairperson rather than individual residents. The Chairperson is then responsible for distributing the information in the appropriate way for that building. These can either fall into category two or three.  

For retirement villages, we will contact the owner or manager directly to provide the consents needed. The pack they receive includes information about the category the fibre installation falls under and how we plan on completing the work. Retirement villages typically fall under category three meaning that consent must be received before installation work can begin. 

It does take time for this process to be completed, so it's a great idea to pre-consent a building before an order is placed. To kick off this process, you need to complete this online form: Complete the Fibre Multi-Dwelling Unit Online Consent Form to pre-consent your property.

Getting consent from your landlord

An order for fibre can’t be placed unless it is approved by the property owner. Gathering consents for this best sits with the renter, starting with a simple conversation. It may be worthwhile reminding your landlord that in most cases the installation of fibre won’t cost them anything.  

For more information on consent and property access you can contact the Chorus team on Facebook.  

If you'd like to provide consent now for any type of property, you can do so by filling out an online consent form.

Enter your address into our broadband checker to check what broadband options are available in your area.

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