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April 17, 2019

There’s a bit of genius in all of us, as Sarah Wixon, student and CEO of Bayuble discovered when she and three other high school pupils signed up to New Zealand’s Young Enterprise Scheme. Challenged to come up with an innovative idea, Sarah and the Bayuble team have developed a non-plastic, raw material alternative to the current fruit labels you see in the supermarket today.

Soluble, vegan and home compostable, Bayuble’s environmentally friendly labels are made predominantly from a by-product of apples. Which makes them completely edible as well. Genius.

Green apple
Bayuble’s water soluble fruit label

It appears others think so too…

“We’ve had people from the horticulture industry across the world reaching out and sending messages asking when they can get their hands on it and things like that,” says Sarah. 

“We’re now in the process of next steps, like trying to get a patent and registering a trademark so we can commercialise and follow up with these offers of interest.” 

Sarah and the Bayuble team are now moving on to university in different locations across New Zealand. This means the only way their business can move forward is through online communications. LinkedIn has been an unexpected source of collaboration.

The Bayuble team in the lab

“We’ve started our own LinkedIn profiles, which is strange in a way for young people like us because I always think of it as a working older person’s type of social media platform. It’s allowing us to show the world and to prove for ourselves that the product is actually something people want, and it’s a viable alternative.”

“For now I’m part-time Bayuble and part-time student but what excites me about the future is finding solutions to problems we have now that are viable options to actually create change.”

Everyone has ideas, all genius needs is opportunity. And that’s why we built the Chorus fibre network. For people like Sarah, for everyone.


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