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Improved Internet ready and waiting

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August 29, 2017

The wait for fibre doesn’t have to mean making do.

For many New Zealanders, there is an option for better broadband ready and waiting. A phone call and an upgraded modem could be all you need to get a more consistent, reliable and speedy broadband service. And it’s available now for around 80% of properties on our network.


VDSL could be considered as the stepping stone between basic broadband and fibre. It uses both fibre and the traditional copper technology to utilise existing connections but delivers a more reliable experience that isn’t affected by the number of people using it simultaneously.


Having just completed an upgrade project on 125 cabinets across rural New Zealand, another 8,000 customers on the Chorus network now have VDSL as an option. This could mean increased speeds and a seriously improved service that means streaming your favourite show, video calling, uploading photos and more are all possible.  The average speed on a VDSL connection is about 45Mbps.


Click here to find out what broadband options are available in your area.

Availability is based on your property’s proximity to a cabinet or local exchange; if it’s within 2km, VDSL is most likely on offer. You can also ring your broadband provider and ask if VDSL is available at your place.


The best bit is that it’s easy to upgrade and usually won’t cost you anymore than your existing broadband plan. All you need to do is contact your broadband provider, ask for VDSL, and your provider will send you a new VDSL modem. Easy, quick and bound to make a big difference.




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