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Innovative video on demand services

Chorus Dow
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May 01, 2015

The marriage of TV and the internet is relatively new for New Zealand, but with a number of different video on demand services now available, local players can turn to more mature markets around the world for insights on how to navigate this new terrain.


Ovum, a leading independent research firm, offers three different case studies from some of the many new and innovative services it monitors around the world.


Altibox - a myriad of services


Altibox’s main positioning is as a superior broadband provider but it has worked to make its IPTV and VOD packages better. The Scandinavian service currently includes 150 channels (and 40 channels that can be viewed on mobile devices), Radio, VOD, Interactive portal, Games, Guide, Football (Premier and Norway leagues) – and a personal video recorder (PVR). Altibox also offers regional TV programs as a point of differentiation.


Recent additions include 3D, business video (video-conferencing) and interactive multi-screen services.


MiBox - a low cost disrupter to traditional pay TV


MiBox is an IPTV service that allows fibre customers to access video-on-demand, games, e-books, and apps. The MiBox service comes bundled with an Android set-top box and a selection of free content. It is targeted to price sensitive customers who don’t want the traditional pay TV.


illicoTV - customisation on an open platform


illico was ranked “highest in customer satisfaction” with television service providers in the east region of Canada. The service delivers a simple, customisable high-definition television viewing experience, providing customers user-friendly access to a flexible selection of content and entertainment offerings with a single click.

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