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The internet offers so much for seniors

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May 11, 2022

Some of those in older generations can be a bit cynical about the internet whether it’s safety or security concerns or a technology divide they’re not ready to cross. However, there are so many reasons that seniors should consider getting online. Have you, your parents or grandparents been hesitant to surf the internet on a daily basis? Here are a few factors to consider when making the case to engage online.

Communication with family and friends

Especially over the last two years, we have all become a bit more isolated trying to keep ourselves safe from the pandemic. Travel has screeched to a halt and while borders are slowly opening up we still have a long way to go before we can regularly see those we love via a quick trip - especially overseas. Video calling platforms like Skype, Zoom and Facebook allow you to virtually attend special events like weddings, have online tea parties, chat to grandkids, send birthday wishes and so much more. These easy-to-use tools are nothing to be intimidated by and with a couple of clicks you can connect with those you want to say hello to with little to no expense or trouble.

Puzzles word games and other things to keep the brain engaged

Study after study have proven the benefits of online games and puzzles. This does not mean that people have to engage with complex virtual reality video games. Rather, there is so much out there for those that enjoy word games, sudoku, cards, chess and crosswords. Many websites offer these fun diversions for free and even allow for friendly competitions with friends, family and people from around the world. Activities such as games and puzzles are said to prevent dementia, improve cognition, prevent loneliness and offer stress relief and memory improvement.

News and weather

Staying abreast of news and weather is a critical way of keeping up with important events both locally and internationally. It also creates great ways to engage in conversation with new people and old friends. The internet keeps information at everyone’s fingertips in real time. A quick log onto newspapers and news sites first thing in the morning can have you ready to take on the day armed with everything you need to know. Booking marking some of your favourite sites makes things even easier so you can check out your top three websites with ease.

Shopping deals including online groceries

Who doesn’t love a deal? Ever-increasingly the best deals can only be found online for everything from clothes, to gifts, to cosmetics, sporting goods and travel. Being able to capably maneuver around the best sites for deals on particular products or services will not only save money- its a bit of fun!  You can also save time and effort with things like free shipping and click and collect so you don’t have to linger in bricks and mortar stores. There can be some uncertainty at times around the security of online purchases but if you know the correct payment platform and security icons to look for - you have nothing to worry about.

Improving mental wellbeing

Unfortunately, depression is very common in elderly people who find themselves isolated from friends and family and possibly living alone. Engaging with other people online can create a sense of community that may be lacking. Also, there are so many niche groups online that there is truly something for everyone. Whether your interest is WWII history, the best way to crochet or new recipes - chances are there are others out there that love the same things as you and virtual friendships can be formed.

Improving physical wellbeing

Not only does the internet have a wealth of information about health and wellness, there are so many resources where you can get exercise in the comfort of your home. You can even get together with a friend or two and do an online exercise lesson and then have a cuppa or some lunch after which makes for a lovely way to spend time together. A word of caution however, that not all health related websites are created equal in their quality and trustworthiness. A good idea is to ask your doctor or health care provider which websites they recommend.

Identifying New Job Opportunities

For seniors looking for new jobs or volunteer opportunities, the internet is an ideal place to explore. Whether you are looking for something full-time, part-time or remote - the options are endless and opportunities abound. Not sure where to get started? Heading to your local library and asking for assistance is a great place to start. Most communities and churches also offer basic online education courses for free, you just need to ask around. 


As outlined above there’s no shortage of reasons to explore all the internet has to offer. The beauty of it too is that on the whole, it’s free to do all these things. What you will need though is a broadband service you can rely on when connecting to the internet.

Fibre broadband isn’t just fast but it also is reliable with fewer dropouts and lower lag time than other types of broadband. To learn more about how to get fibre at your place visit the installation page on our website. 


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