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Life before broadband: A trip down memory lane

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November 19, 2019

2020 is just around the corner and that means the ‘90s was 20 years ago. Can you believe it?

The days of fanny packs, baggy pants and mobile phones the size of bricks are long behind us - and yet, you can practically hear the dial-up tone now… That was the same decade in which many of us had our first contact with the internet. 

Back then, browsing the web was an entirely different experience. There was certainly no streaming of TV shows, and even if you managed to plan ahead of time and find a website worth visiting, you’d have to make sure nobody else in the home needed access at the same time. 

And as for mobile connectivity, there was only one thing phones were for and that was talking. How did we all survive? And more importantly, how have things changed? 

In today’s world of Snapchat, e-commerce smart appliances, let’s get nostalgic and reminisce on the good old days so we can truly appreciate how the internet has changed the way we live.

Are you using the internet like it’s 1999 when you could be using it like it’s 2019? Use our Broadband Checker to find out if you can get fibre at your address. 

20 years of internet evolution

Watching content

Think of how something as simple as watching TV or a film has changed. 20 years ago, you’d either have to go to the movies, head to the local video store or be forced to schedule your social calendar around any favourite programmes. You were at the mercy of the television network for Full House marathon to come on TV (how rude). 

Now, in the age of Netflix, YouTube, tablets and Smart TVs that can connect to the internet, there’s more content to consume than you’d be able to get through in 10 lifetimes - all available right in your home. Not only you can binge Full House… you can get the reboot, Fuller House, too! And, you can watch all day without commercials (you got it, dude). 

Staying connected

It may be hard to remember now, but in the days before social media and video calling, the only way to stay connected was via old-school landlines. And if someone was using the internet, you’d have to paper-scissors-rock to see who’d get to stay on. Households were in constant battle: Phone vs. Internet. 

Now, there is peace in the home. Your family can use the internet freely, especially if you have a high-speed fibre connection as it provides a reliable, consistent experience. This connection means you can chat with friends and family across the globe via Skype, even while watching Fuller House together - and all without buffering. 

And if you want to share a photo or a video, you can do so instantly (or reshoot if you weren’t impressed with the results). No more waiting for the film to be developed only to be disappointed that your eyes were closed in all the photos you took…

Day-to-day details

Last but certainly not least, there are all the little things we take for granted. From buying groceries, visiting the bank and shopping at the mall, if you needed something in the pre-internet era, you had to go out to get it.
Maybe you miss sipping on a Slurpee by the mall’s water fountain, but with most of having instant access to online shopping both at home and on the go, we can order everything and anything we need. Within a couple of days (or less) we can have it delivered right to our door - we’re basically living in the Jetsons era. 

Is your home ready for 2019 and beyond?

The bottom line is that technology has improved all of our lives in so many ways - giving us more time to spend with our friends and families, and taking some of the pressure off by making life just that little bit easier. 
The trick to making that technology work? Pairing it with a fast and reliable fibre broadband connection dedicated to your place so you get consistent speed and performance regardless of how many people are using it. It’s particularly important if you’ve got multiple devices accessing the internet at once. To get a better idea of your usage, head over to the Chorus Data Calculator, where you’ll be able to work out exactly how much data you need per month.
If you’re a heavy data user, your best bet for a broadband connection that ticks all the right boxes is the fastest fibre plans. These offer speed, the best levels of reliability, and the most bandwidth for heavy usage. If you’re not sure whether or not your home is eligible, The Chorus Broadband Checker can help you work it out, and give you all the information you need to get started and make sure you’re using the internet like it’s 2019, not 1999. 

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