Making money fun – setting Kiwi kids up for the future

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June 05, 2019

Sometimes, a little bit of genius can take us in directions we never imagined. Former professional tennis player Brittany Teei learnt a lot of skills playing high level sport, but it was the absence of one life skill that sparked an idea and a new career…

“In tennis we got started at quite a young age and they were teaching us pretty big concepts around positive mind-sets and healthy habits and nutrition. I always questioned why we didn’t do that with money because money is something that touches everyone’s lives,” says Brittany.

“There was a big gap in the education that our people and our communities receive. So yeah, I wanted to do something about that.”

She joined forces with her mum Teri, a school teacher, and enlisted the help of a software developer to help bring her vision to life. That vision was KidsCoin – an online platform aimed at teaching kids the value of money.

KidsCoin is now part of the school curriculum and uses fun interactive lessons to teach kids about banking systems, online banking, e-commerce and even taxes. As they learn they earn, save and spend KidsCoin dollars using virtual bank accounts – just like adults do with real money in the real world.


Kids using the KidsCoin tool
Kids using the KidsCoin tool

“These basic yet essential financial skills will help them make better choices and financial decisions in their futures. It’s about setting the right habits and mind-sets while our kids are young so that when they grow older, it becomes second nature. This will help to grow and strengthen individuals, families, communities and our society at large.”

Learn more about KidsCoin here.

Sometimes all genius needs is opportunity. For Brittany, the Chorus fibre network means she can realise her vision of educatingevery Kiwi kid about the value of money.

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