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Moving house? Here’s what to do with your fibre connection

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September 30, 2020

Moving into a new home is exciting, but as moving day gets closer, your to-do list inevitably gets longer. To help it’s worth planning ahead and getting your broadband connection sorted at your new address early, that way you will have one less thing to do come move in day. Here’s how:


1. Check if fibre is available at your new address using our broadband checker.

It’s a good idea to do this as far in advance of moving day as possible, just in case fibre’s yet to be installed.

If fibre is available but hasn't been installed at your new property:

  •  You’ll need to place an order with your preferred broadband provider. When you do, make sure the installation date is on or after the settlement date or the date the property’s title of ownership has been transferred to you, as you will need to have physical access to the property.

  • If you’re renting, you'll need your landlord’s permission before any work can go ahead. All consent forms and information can be found here.

If fibre is available and already installed at your property:

  • Simply contact your broadband provider at least a week before moving day to let them know your move in date and which fibre plan you’d like at your new address.

Note: It's important to give at least a week notice as if the previous resident hasn’t yet notified their broadband provider that they’re moving out, then we’ll need to give them five days’ notice before we can process your request. We do this as an industry to ensure no one’s service is disconnected incorrectly.

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2. Leave your current ONT and its power cable behind

When you leave your current property, give the next tenant or owner a hand by making it easier for them to connect to the internet when they move in. If you're already on fibre that means leaving the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) and its power cord behind. The ONT is the small box that your modem plugs into to access your fibre connection.

Your ONT will look like one of the images below:


Tip: Often ONTs are located somewhere discreet so make sure you check in your garage (if you have one) and inside cupboards.

If the property you're moving to already has fibre installed, there should be an ONT waiting for you. It's a good idea to get in touch with the previous owners (most likely through your agent) and politely remind them they need to leave the ONT and its power cord behind too.  


3. Plug in your modem to get your broadband up and running

Once you've finally reached moving day and provided fibre has been installed and your provider has activated your new broadband connection, you should be ready to go once you arrive.

Simply plug your modem into the ONT and get your broadband up and running so you can connect all your devices. 

If you’ve only just gotten access to your new place and you’re planning on getting fibre installed, you’ll need to wait until your fibre installation appointment before you can get connected, alternatively, consider getting a copper connection sorted in the meantime. 

If your new place already has fibre installed but the power cord for your ONT is missing, you can order a replacement cord here. If you have any other issues, contact your broadband provider.

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4.  Take your WiFi to the next level

Even with the best broadband connection, there are a number of factors that can affect your home WiFi experience. The good news is that the solution could be as simple as updating or moving your WiFi router, or using wired connections for your data-hungry devices. For more information on how to get the best in-home Wifi experience, Check out these tips.

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