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Nectar Espresso Bar & Café Dunedin

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November 20, 2015



Steve Calvert has more than 16 years hospitality experience and opened Nectar Espresso in Dunedin’s Exchange, the city’s historic business area, eight years ago. He always knew his clients would be professional people, so offering free gig fibre is now part of his point of difference as new cafes open in the area.




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What attracted you to upgrade to gigabit fibre?


My IT supplier suggested I offer ‘the gig’ and made it all possible. Right now in Dunedin it’s the same price as standard fibre broadband, so the choice to upgrade was easy.


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Explain your role.


As the owner, I’m ‘the everything man’ - making great coffee, over-seeing the kitchen, rostering, ordering, and of course chatting with my customers.


Is gigabit fibre generating more revenue?


That’s hard to quantify exactly. We offer two hours free Wi-Fi for customers each day and I know people use Nectar as a meeting place. Staff from across the road have meetings here, they bring their PCs and log in. People waiting for coffee pass the time by checking their phones. Without Wi-Fi I think we’d lose some of our corporate customers.


What opportunities is it opening up for business?


We’re providing Wi-Fi as an added incentive for people to visit Nectar. Hopefully they’re coming here because they know they can get great coffee, food and service –free gig speed Wi-Fi is the ‘cherry on the top.’ I’ve noticed the Spotify music we stream has been more stable. I feel like quality broadband Wi-Fi is something we take for granted. A bit like clean windows - no-one notices them until they’re dirty. No-one notices Internet speed until it doesn’t work. In the future we could utilise the speed of access it offers for cloud point of sale transactions and paying bills.


Would you recommend gigabit fibre?


Absolutely. It makes perfect sense for someone like me whose operation services business people. Everyone expects Wi-Fi these days and love that it’s fast and free.  It is the way the world works now and something my customers can take for granted.


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