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One Gig to Rule Them All

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October 06, 2016

Almost three years ago, we first announced our intention to bring gigabit speeds to New Zealand homes. In February 2015, we did just that when Dunedin became the country’s first Gigatown. And now the Gig is available to everyone with access to the Chorus fibre network.

Why you want the Gig

The nationwide launch of Gig services on our network, a connection capable of delivering peak download speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second (1Gbps), is bringing one of the fastest home broadband services in the world right into New Zealand homes, making us truly a Gignation.

The Gig is the best residential broadband available on our fibre network – combining the best broadband technology (fibre) with the fastest residential plan available. This means everyone at your place can do more than ever before online, at the same time, without compromise.

  • In real terms this means uploading 25 high res images to Facebook in under five seconds.
  • It means downloading 25 MP3 songs in a second.
  • Or streaming ultra-high definition video to 40 different devices simultaneously.

What to expect on the Gig

While you may now be the owner of a shiny new, super-fast Gig connection, there are still some things that may impact the speeds you get at home.

Things like the age and quality of your devices and modem, or the server speed of the websites you’re trying to connect to can slow you down. You can read more about this here and there’s more information about what could be impacting your broadband connection speed here.

While a Gig connection is technically capable of delivering peak download speeds up to 1Gbps and upload speeds up to 500Mbps, in reality a speedtest will likely show download speeds between 900Mbps and 970Mbps and upload speeds of between 470Mbps and 490Mbps.

If you’re getting less than 900Mbps on a speedtest you might want to check your devices, modem, and WiFi to make sure everything is working as it should and is set up to manage a 1Gbps connection. It’s a good idea to try different speed test providers or servers as the results can vary depending on how the test is carried out. And you can also troubleshoot your connection by calling your broadband provider.

Getting on the Gig

The Gig is available now to everyone connected to our fibre network. You can use our broadband checker now to find out if that includes your place, simply search your address. If you already have a fibre connection at home, check with your broadband provider to see if you can upgrade and join the move to become a Gignation today.

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