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September 01, 2020

Over the last decade, there’s been an injection of colour to neighbourhoods across New Zealand as streetscapes are transformed into outdoor art galleries with the help of our painted telecommunications cabinets. The artworks are part of a Chorus initiative that aims to beautify communities by adorning our previously drab cabinets with works of art.

The programme started back in 2010, initially as a trial to see if art works on the cabinets decreased the frequency of tagging.

After the trial proved successful the initiative progressed into a partnership with environmental organisation, Keep New Zealand Beautiful (KNZB) and is still operating today with over a thousand cabinets across the country now, “beautified,” by various artists and groups.

Artists can submit designs for pre-designated cabinets in their town and designs are selected by Chorus based on how it relates to the setting, the message behind the design and community interest.

 Artists are paid a set fee to paint the mural, with the fee and material costs covered by Chorus.

The initiative has received a huge amount of positive feedback from communities and locals have shown a real sense of pride in their neighbourhood murals.

Several school groups have been involved, including Browns Bay School in Auckland, who’s students painted three Chorus cabinets as part of a construction project at their local playground and reserve.

The Year 5 children were given access to three blank Chorus cabinets to use as their very own canvases to inform the community about this new resource on their doorstep.

A community artist, Carma Jewell from Art4kidz, offered up her time to paint the murals.

“The experience was amazing, we had people from the community constantly stopping to show their appreciation of how the children’s art was bringing a sense of beauty, joy and happiness to the area.”

It’s safe to say the cabinet art programme has been a win for all involved. We’re pleased to have the opportunity to support our communities in their battle against graffiti vandalism, as well as help local artists showcase their work while brightening up Aotearoa with these fabulous pieces of art.

Check out the murals here and see for yourself!

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