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Pop quiz – how many devices do you have connected to broadband in your office?

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July 04, 2019

It’s likely more than you think at first.

A less reliable internet connection was ok when we only had a device or two. But between laptops, phones, tablets, printers, servers, smartwear, smart displays, and smart-everything-elses, there’s a high chance your business is chewing up more data than you think. Not only that, but if you run a business from home, you’ve got the family’s devices to contend with. 

A business fibre broadband connection has a huge dedicated capacity that brings the internet as close to your front door as possible. It’s built to handle multiple devices, software updates and openings of media files without loss of quality or buffering. And unlike 4G mobile broadband connections, it isn’t affected by congestion at peak times. 

That doesn’t just matter for watching Netflix – it matters for your business, your margins, and your personal time.  

Time is money in business.
Even more so when you’re a SME.

And all of those small internet connection hiccups add up. Think about it like this: half an hour of slow internet every day means 130 hours wasted a year. That’s more than 16 days, or three working weeks. 

Imagine paying someone to not work for three weeks straight – that’s a business on a bad broadband connection. 

Even if you’re just receiving emails and sending invoices (hopefully lots and lots of invoices), a fibre broadband connection will make your business run more reliably. Just look at the time taken to transfer a 20MB artwork file on a fibre connection vs copper, the time is dramatically reduced which could save you a whole lot of time and money.

Less effort, same outcome. Or same effort, even better outcome. Either way, with fibre you’ll have added time on your hands to do the things you really want. 

Work/life balance. 
Or as some people put it, “work/life integration”.

It’s one of the most challenging aspects of being an owner of a small to medium-sized business. The demands of your business never stop, and it can be tough to find time to switch off and reap the rewards. Which is kind of ironic as that’s why many Kiwis started their business in the first place – to get more flexibility and control over their time. And if you work from home the lines can become even more blurred as it’s not like you can leave the job on the other side of the home office door.

A Chorus fibre broadband connection won’t make your work any less demanding. But it will help make it more efficient and give you more control over your time. Instead of agonising over the last email of the day that’s taking ages to come through, you could be having more quality time with your family. Doing…well, whatever it is you feel like maybe even coming up with new brilliant business ideas. But then again, we’re trying to find more balance in our lives aren’t we now? 

Peace of mind.
Chorus fibre broadband provides a consistently reliable connection, dedicated to your location so you can keep your business running smoothly and seamlessly every hour of the day or night. If something does go wrong, every business owner deserves to know when it’s going to be fixed, with as little downtime as possible.

Futureproof your business.
If you predicted 20 years ago what the business world would look like today, you’re probably a Silicon Valley billionaire. For the rest of us, it’s hard to predict what things will be like even five years from now. 

One thing for certain is that having a reliable internet connection is only going to become more important. More data, more devices, more connectivity… it’ll happen faster than we think.

To truly unleash the potential of your business, fibre is the best way to go, offering the speed and capacity you need from your broadband connection. The Chorus Fibre Network isn’t anywhere close to capacity, meaning all of those reliability and efficiency benefits will keep paying off. Even if you don’t think you need fibre right now, it’s a good idea to get ready for the future. 

Getting your business on fibre. Because every business deserves it.
Check to see if your business can get fibre at And if you can’t, you can find out what your best options are. 


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