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Putting Hyperfibre 8000 to the test

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June 22, 2021

The first connections to our Hyperfibre 8000 broadband service went live in June this year in 10 central exchange areas across Auckland and Wellington.

Expanding the Hyperfibre family with a 8000 Mbps choice takes broadband to a whole new level in this country. It guarantees New Zealand's place in the most technologically advanced countries in the world by connectivity.

So how fast is the new service? Well, we got out our Network Strategy Manager, Kurt Rodgers, to take the latest technology for a spin.

He carried out a speed test using a Chorus Hyperfibre ONT as the router.

The results in his tweet depicted below speak for themselves. To put this performance into perspective, in 2011 the average broadband speed was around 10Mbps.

HF8 speed test

If you need help interpreting this and not sure what ping and jitter mean, we've got you covered with this explanation.

The other important thing with Hyperfibre is that the service offers symmetric speeds. A symmetric service means you get the same speed regardless of whether you are downloading stuff like videos and games or uploading your files.



So how does Hyperfibre 8G compare to New Zealand's average broadband speed?

As of March 2020, Ookla reports the average download speed for fixed broadband as 110.72 Mbps, and the average upload speed is 70.32 Mbps. This performance ranks New Zealand as 23rd in the world.

For mobile broadband (which may appear in the home as fixed wireless broadband), Ookla reports an average download speed of 53.59 Mbps and an average upload speed of 14.49 Mbps, ranking us 13th in the world.

So based on that, the new Hyperfibre 8G service is:

  • Nearly 80 x faster than the average fixed-line download speed
  • About 160 x quicker than the average mobile broadband download speed

Keen to know how your broadband connection compares – take our speed test for yourself at


Saving time and supporting productivity

Fast broadband isn't just about speed for speed's sake. It's also about practical application and the time you save when performing online activities.

So approximately how long would it take to download a 5GB movie or game update?

Hyperfibre 8Gbps                                5 seconds

Hyperfibre 4Gbps                                10 seconds

Hyperfibre 2Gbps                                20 seconds

Fibre Pro 1Gbps                                  40 seconds

Fibre 100Mbps                                   6 minutes 40 seconds

Copper VDSL 50Mbps                         13 minutes 20 seconds

Copper ADSL 20Mbps                         33 minutes 20 seconds

In essence, we're talking about a six and half minute time saving between Hyperfibre 8Gbps and Fibre 100Mbps.

Add that up over the year, and it's a lot of hours where businesses and people could be doing other things.

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