Revolutionising healthcare through social media

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June 05, 2019

Sasha Klijakovic or ‘Dr Sash’ isn’t your traditional doctor. She uses social media to bring health and wellbeing information and advice to thousands of Kiwis through live videos. It’s a fresh approach to healthcare that grew from her frustrations with the New Zealand health system while at medical school.

“I just thought, man we can do healthcare so much better. Why is healthcare so old school? Can’t we create ways that are more convenient for people and more oriented around us humans and the way we live?” says Sasha.

And so she decided to try an experiment…

“I figured well, young people they are all on social media. I’m on social media. I thought well, I’ll do a live video. Talk about health and see what happens. People loved it and you know sometimes the videos have 20,000 views and sometimes they have 50,000 views and that’s crazy.”

The experiment was a huge success so Sasha has made her health and wellbeing videos a regular thing.


Dr Sasha at work
Dr Sasha at work

“When you’re with a patient one on one you feel like you can’t actually spend the time to really describe health issues – you know, what is the difference between a viral infection versus a bacterial infection? But with these social media sessions, I can actually go and spend the time and the cool thing is it’s live. It means that people can ask me a question and then we can get direct feedback. So instead of just that one person receiving the information, everybody can.”

Check out Doctor Sash on Facebook where she is live at 8.30pm every Monday night answering health questions and leading discussions on health, fitness and wellness.

There’s a little bit of genius in all of us. For Sasha, it’s seeing 50,000 patients in a single day online. Sometimes all genius needs is opportunity – that’s why we built the Chorus fibre network.

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