Keeping track of our RWC network performance

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September 17, 2019

The Rugby World Cup is always a big deal for Kiwi rugby fans. This year, it takes on extra significance as it’s the first time all the games will be streamed here over the internet.

Streaming live sport is a little different from traditional broadcasting as there's lots of steps before live footage filmed at a stadium eventually appears on a TV or device in another location.

For the RWC 2019 in New Zealand, the streaming process is largely managed by Spark Sport, with the Chorus fibre, copper and core networks also playing a small but important role in the process – to transport the “stream” the last part of its journey to your place.

That’s why over the last 18 months we’ve been working to ensure our local and national networks are ready to handle the expected upsurge in traffic.

The below dashboard provides a daily overview of how they’re performing.

Chorus Rugby World Cup network dashboard

Fibre broadband network

green light

Copper broadband network

green light

Core transport network*

green light

Peak internet data traffic for 13 October 2019 

2.12Tbps @ 9.05pm

* The core network brings together traffic from local exchanges and transports it to an agreed place in the network where we can exchange traffic with your chosen broadband retailer’s network.

 Approximately equivalent to 370,000 concurrent streams of HD video content.

Chorus Network Faults

No major faults on Chorus’ fibre, copper or core networks

green light

For any localised faults on Chorus’ networks please check our live, updated network outage map.

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