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Superheroes – the films that changed the world

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July 23, 2019


Does your family have a favourite superhero? Our ’Watch & Play’ expert Michael shares some of his favourite movies for you to stream - get the whole family involved!

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Over the past decade, we’ve been lucky enough to see some of the best superheroes come to life, right off the pages of our favourite comic books. Special effects teams have brought them fighting, crashing, flying and morphing onto our screens in all their good (and evil) ways. Best of all, they’ve created series that are able to be enjoyed by fans, young and old.
So if you missed them on the big screen, take a trip back to some of these superhero classics. 

Dark Knight (Netflix

A stand-out amongst the Batman series of films. The powerhouse actor-director combo of Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan delivers a gritty narrative that cleverly blurs the lines between good and evil. Not to be overshadowed by a truly memorable performance by Heath Ledger as the Joker. 

The Avengers (Neon

This is a great option if it’s too daunting to watch all the solo Marvel superhero films like Captain America, Thor and Iron Man before tackling this years’ franchise finale, Avengers: Endgame. There’s a lot of spinning plates kept expertly aloft as our six heroes set out to stop an alien source of pure energy enslaving the human race. Weaves together disparate characters and stories into a coherent narrative that’s greater than the sum of its parts. 

Wonder Woman (Netflix

While Wonder Woman has been around as long as Superman and Batman the Amazonian warrior hadn’t – until now – been blessed with the cinematic air-play of her masculine colleagues. With a mainly female cast and female director, this film is fun, thrilling and inspirational – highlighting female empowerment with messages about the power of compassion and kindness. 

Black Panther (Neon

With its political timeliness, predominantly black cast and astute social commentary, Black Panther successfully riffs off the different meanings of the term Black Panther – the comic book hero and the 1960s revolutionary organisation.   A thrilling, engaging and thought-provoking story.

Iron Man (iTunes

The success of Iron Man is powered by a surprise performance from Robert Downey Jr - cast for his ability to channel the “likeable jerk” personality of Iron Man’s alter-ego Tony Stark. Driven by Downey’s wit and charisma Iron Man – essentially a B-grade superhero before this film – is propelled into the realms of greatness. 

Thor: Ragnarok (Neon

New Zealand director Taika Waititi brings a silly charm to this iteration of Thor. He even voices the movie’s best supporting character, a laid back, Kiwi-accented rock-beast named Korg. It might not be the best Marvel movie but it’s the funniest.

Superman 1978 (iTunes)

A must-watch to see how far we’ve come and how Superman influenced the superhero movies that followed a generation or two later. A classic storyline with good-versus-evil power struggle laced with romance, humour and state of the art special effects (albeit an entire universe away from today’s CGI). Plus an iconic Clark Kent played by the late Christopher Reeve. 

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