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Switch to VDSL today for better, faster broadband

Chorus Dow
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May 25, 2016

If you’re experiencing slow broadband, chances are you won’t have to stare at the spinning wheel on your screen for much longer. 8 out of 10 homes and businesses around the country can now get VDSL  - very fast copper broadband - so you can enjoy a faster, more reliable service with less buffering for streaming TV, movies and video calling.

 Better, faster and more stable

 A few months ago, we upgraded our existing copper network to improve VDSL broadband technology in line with copper broadband services in other parts of the world. This upgrade means faster broadband speeds and greater stability on our copper lines.

Since we upgraded our network, the average download speed for VDSL nationally has jumped from 35Mbps to 50Mbps, and we’ve made it available to around 175,000 more homes and businesses across the country. This makes VDSL a great alternative if fibre isn’t an option for you now or in the future.

Getting it now

Along with a better, faster broadband experience, we’ve made it easier for your broadband provider to upgrade you to VDSL too. If it’s available at your address, we may be able to upgrade you without a technician visiting your place.

To find out more about VDSL watch this short video from one of our technology experts, Kurt Rodgers.

To get VDSL, use our handy broadband checker to see if it’s available at your address, then contact your broadband provider to place an order. Very fast broadband could be just a phone call away.




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