Moving/Renovating my Home

Top tips and tricks to get you started on decluttering your home

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December 14, 2018

Need to Declutter? Unmotivated?

Try these things:

Vision: Get excited! Create a vision for your space.

  • Go crazy on Pinterest.
  • Save an image to your phone wallpaper.
  • Label it! - Mum’s Study on the junk room door.

Goals: Give yourself a feeling of purpose!

  • Set goals with time frames.
  • Put them in your calendar or diary.
  • Schedule little chunks of time.

Support: Give yourself a feeling of determination!

  • Just like an exercise buddy, a decluttering buddy makes things more fun.
  • Tell EVERYONE what you’re trying to do AND why AND the timeframe.
  • Enlist help from positive, supportive people in your life.

Know yourself: What do you need to do to make sure you follow through?

  • Schedule an Op Shop drop off in your calendar?
  • Put the donation box in a really annoying place so you’ll take it away?
  • Plan a declutter binge over a long weekend?

Careful, or you’ll get addicted to decluttering!

Check out these videos where Liz The Tidy Lady shows you how to transform areas of your house, including the junk drawer, pantry, linen cupboard, hall cupboard and garage.

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