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UFB making a difference to panel beating

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May 06, 2013

The rollout of the new UFB network will change the way we do business. Better and faster connections to the internet allow businesses to quickly move large amounts data including images and videos - to locations around the country or across the world.

"We need it [the broadband connection] to go superfast otherwise we'll never manage to get anything done."

- Tim Holgate

When a customer has a crash they contact their insures who refer them to Brian Holgate Panelbeaters. Tim and his team take high resolution digital images and upload them to the insurance company's website for assessment. They get the go ahead and repair the damage.

"We can now upload a 100 high resolution images in a few seconds rather than minutes."

They upgraded their broadband plan to unlimited data with speeds of 30 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload. Whilst there was an increase in cost Tim firmly believes it is worth it. He says that not only has the better connectivity reduced stress levels in the office but has increased administration productivity by 10 to 15%.

Before UFB there had been ongoing problems, including:

  • Systems going down
  • Intermittent performance - sometimes it was fast and a lot of times it wasn't
  • Stress and frustration in the office
  • Workshop productivity negatively impacted


In addition, better connection to the internet has allowed an administration person working in a second site to log into systems remotely and maximise productivity.

Click here to find out what broadband options are available in your area.

From the insurance company's perspective - a better customer experience

"It's a win for everybody."

From the insurance company perspective all of their claims are now driven from a digital claims system. All claims are assessed from images online. It streamlines the process for everyone - from Brian's panelbeating shop to the issurer and to their customer.

Customers now only have one visit to the panelbeaters for assessment and are able to keep track of the progress of repairs online - as long as they have a good broadband connection!

Crown Fibre Holdings Limited (CFH) has been established to manage the Government’s $1.5 billion investment in Ultra-Fast Broadband infrastructure. Visit CFH's website for more case studies and an overview of the full UFB rollout.



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