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What is the Big Fibre Boost?

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November 23, 2021

The boost in speed is coming at a time when more technology and devices are being used as part of a more digital lifestyle, with more and more Kiwis streaming, using cloud services or working/schooling from home. The boost allows households to do more online, at the same time, without slowing anyone down.

As part of our largest ever performance upgrade, we have:

However, the work on our network is just part of the Big Fibre Boost process. Broadband providers are also busy doing their part, working on the changes they need to make so their customers on these plans can enjoy the benefits of the boost.

With 4K TV content becoming more and more widely available, people working more flexibly and online consultations and other interactions becoming more mainstream, fast fibre speeds are only going to become more important.

Preparing us for today and tomorrow

Throughout New Zealand, the past 18 months of lockdowns has propelled data usage to new levels, and in Auckland, with its prolonged lockdown, average monthly data usage has skyrocketed to 619 gigabytes (GB). The average New Zealand home and business used 395GB of broadband data in October this year compared to 285GB in 2019, an increase of 39 per cent. By 2025, forecasts indicate New Zealanders could be using as much as 1000GB a month!

So, this upgrade is timely and is great news for New Zealand, with the new speeds set to propel us up the global rankings for internet speed – we're aiming for a spot in the top ten!

How does the boost happen?

So, what does Chorus do to make the #bigfibreboost happen? Well, you might think it involves our team of network engineers tinkering away in big server rooms or installing new hardware in our cabinets and exchanges. The reality is though thanks to the magic of fibre optics as a broadband technology, the upgrade is more about system programming, coding and updating scripts. It’s not easy work by any means but our experienced network planning team are up to the task, putting in the mahi over a series of weekends to make it happen.

When can I expect to benefit?

Chorus will complete our network upgrades for the #bigfibreboost in the first days of December. That’s the first part – your provider can then make any changes needed to flow through the boost to you. We encourage you to check out your provider’s website or social channels to see when the #bigfibreboost could be available for your home or business.

If you’re not sure what connection you are on, you can check what's available at your address.

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