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What’s the best broadband connection for your home?

Chorus Dow
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April 06, 2016

Fixed broadband is perfect for getting things done online when you’re at home. And mobile is great for staying connected when you’re out and about. Both serve a distinct purpose, but can one also do the job of the other?

The short answer, in our view, is no. Or at least, not for long.

The way we use broadband, and how we consume data, is changing rapidly and shows no signs of slowing down. If data usage continues growing along the same trajectory, a reliable fixed broadband connection, without data caps, is what most homes will need in the near future.

Sky’s the limit

Our changing broadband habits saw Kiwi homes on our network consume an average of 96GB in January 2016 – almost double the amount used a year earlier. With such a rapid rate of growth, imagine how much data we’ll be chewing through in 12 more months.

Go-go Gadget

Our data needs at home are only going to climb higher. Ultra-high definition 4K televisions and a budding market of virtual reality gadgets will become commonplace in Kiwi households in the next few years, and this technology calls for greater bandwidth.

Streaming an hour of high-definition video uses between 2GB and 3GB. So with a data cap of 60GB, for example, you can expect to watch 20 hours of content each month – that’s less than an hour a day and without other web browsing. An hour of ultra-high definition 4K video content will chew through 7GB, translating to less than 20 minutes per day on a 60GB monthly plan.

Speed Bumps

As a nation, we are downloading large files and streaming more and more television, music, movies and games, often over multiple devices at the same time. Higher broadband speeds mean a better experience in the home, with no buffering or loss of quality.

With fibre, the speed you sign up for is the speed you get – a key driver behind more Kiwis choosing plans with ultra-fast speeds of 100Mbps or more. This combined with the stability of the fibre network makes it your best broadband option if available.

Future proofing

If the fibre roll-out hasn’t yet reached your area, check to see if VDSL is available – it will give you the fastest broadband over the copper network and is a great stepping stone while waiting for fibre. There are simple steps you can take to improve your broadband performance at home if fibre and VDSL aren’t available to you – check out this blog article for more.

With data consumption doubling in the last year, it’s important to think now about what your broadband usage could look like another 12 months to make sure you don’t get locked into a plan that you’ve outgrown. While mobile broadband is great to keep connected on the go and provides flexibility, a fixed broadband connection will give you the best broadband experience at home, now and in the future.

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