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What’s under the hood of your business broadband?

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January 29, 2020

If you’re not really into cars, picking the right one can be confusing. There’s the language - what exactly are ABS or IRS, anyway? And it’s hard to do the research when there are so many other demands on your time. Yet you know it’s a decision that needs to be made carefully... Because while a car may look nice, appears to go at a good speed in bursts and is a good price, for a work car you can depend on it’s also critical to factor in reliability and capacity.

While we can’t come to the car yard with you, we can show you what’s ‘under the hood’ of a business fibre plan, so you feel confident you’re not going to get a lemon.

And choosing the right internet connection is even more important because it’s the foundation for growing your business, and enabling you to harness the smart business tools that help you get more ‘out of the tank’. These are the tools that can give you a better work/life balance, or build up a steady pipeline of work while running on the smell of an oily rag. 

Choosing the right broadband to suit your business needs is a little bit like choosing a vehicle. So buckle up, and let’s take this metaphor for a quick spin.


Getting from A to B

All cars are not created equal, and neither is broadband. Yes, the basic four wheels/internal combustion engine arrangement will get you from A to B, but will it get you there in style, and on time? Whether it’s the motorway or the information superhighway you’re on – if you’re using old technology or broadband that delivers the internet to you over a mobile phone network, you’re potentially not getting the best experience you could be. And you could be facing increased risk of breakdowns and downtime. 

Whatever service provider your business is with, you’ll be using one of four types of internet connection. 

ADSL, through New Zealand’s legacy copper network, is fast enough for web browsing and emailing, but can be slow when uploading, during peak traffic and if you’re a long way from your local exchange. 

Fixed wireless can also deliver enough bandwidth for most business needs but as highlighted in a recent Government report, it is prone to latency issues, which is the delay or lag when clicking on a webpage. In terms of a car’s performance, you could think of it as responsiveness. 

VDSL’s fibre/copper combination is more consistent than ADSL, and usually fast enough for streaming, video calls and uploading large files without the long waits.

But if VDSL is a nippy hatchback, fibre is Formula 1. Using fibre optic cable, massive amounts of data travel via ultrafast pulses of light. Connection and speed stay constant because it doesn’t degrade over distance. And its future proof technology won’t be overtaken by next year’s model.


All good under the hood?

When you think about it, we look for the same qualities in our cars as we do in our internet connections. 

Speed: While you may rarely nudge that speedo over 100km, it’s good to know the car can do it. As your business uses more digital tools like video streaming and Skype, it needs an internet connection that can keep up. As the fastest broadband connection available in New Zealand, fibre has enough speed for the tools you use today, and the tech you’ll need tomorrow.

Reliability: With business fibre plans you get a dedicated connection hard-wired to your office or workspace. That way you can rely on a consistent internet experience regardless of the time of day or how many people are on the fibre network at any one time. This is unlike fixed wireless broadband which offers more of an inconsistent experience due to the fact the broadband is delivered via the mobile phone network that is shared with others.

Back-up: Like on the road, incidents when it comes to your broadband connection can happen. That's why most business grade broadband plans for SMEs come with their own breakdown service. This is in the form of Business Restore – which is like having a dedicated call out service to get you back up and running in less than 24 hours.

Capacity: Is there plenty of room for the kids, stroller, golf clubs, dog etc.? Space is important, as it means everybody can use the car for what matters to them. Likewise, a business fibre broadband plan has consistent capacity for all the things you need to do at work – from video conferencing to uploading large files – all at the same time.

Just like having the right vehicle, fast fibre is the engine that can power your business and accelerate your success. 

So, really, choosing the right broadband plan is easier than choosing a new car. Not to mention a lot more affordable. And while most cars depreciate, having a fast, roomy and dependable internet connection is a real asset. One that will actually help your business make money. 

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