Even if the UFB network is not yet available at your address, we do have business fibre that already exists in some areas. Find everything you need to know here.

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If fibre isn’t yet an option for your business, you can still get better broadband on our copper network with HSNS or VDSL connections. Discover how here.

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About broadband

Put simply, broadband is high-speed internet access. But it’s not always that simple – get a better grip on the basics of broadband for your business here.

Check your broadband

Broadband explained

Discover what broadband really means and exactly what types of broadband are available here in New Zealand.

Copper vs fibre

Copper’s good, especially when you can get more than 30Mbps with VDSL. But fibre’s even faster and more reliable moving into the future.

About our network

We’re New Zealand’s largest fixed line communications infrastructure services provider, supplying about 90% of all fixed network connections.


  • What are the business product options?

    If your business premises are within reach of fibre broadband, opt for a fibre business plan to take advantage of dedicated support not available through residential plans. Your broadband provider will be able to provide more detail on the business products they offer.

  • How are business plans different from residential plans?

    A good broadband business plan will offer faster resolution of faults, dedicated support, dedicated bandwidth for optimum speed and customised solutions to deliver to your businesses specific needs. To learn more about the options available, please contact your broadband provider.

  • Who do I contact to order fibre for my business?

    Chorus provides the fibre network but your broadband provider offers the broadband plan. Talk to your preferred provider directly to place your order and we will work together to deliver fibre to your business.

  • What is the process for installing business products?

    Once your order has been placed with your broadband provider and any necessary consents have been received, the installation process will cover these three steps:

    1. Agree – a Chorus technician will visit your offices to talk you through the work required and to agree your installation plan. Any work to be completed, both inside and out, will be noted on the agreement which you will need to sign.

    2. Build – this is getting fibre from the street to your building, usually determined by how your phone and existing broadband services are delivered. If they are connected by aerial cable or an underground pipe we will typically install your fibre cable in the same way.

    3. Connect – to complete the final step, we will need access to your business premises so we can install a small box for the fibre called an optical network terminal (ONT). This will connect your router to the fibre network

  • How long does it take to install fibre?

    Installation timings are dependent on a number of factors. Your broadband provider will be able to give you a guideline of what to expect once you have placed your order. However, it is important to remember that no work can begin until all necessary consents have been received.

  • What consents do I need for installing fibre in my business?

    Consents are needed if your business premises are accessed by a shared driveway, if your office building is administered by a body corporate, or if you are not the owner of the premises. Once your order has been placed with your broadband provider and the order has been passed to us, we will contact your neighbours, landlord directly to seek consent.