Big IoT ambitions need even bigger bandwidth

smart locations run on fibre

Think Chorus fibre for your IoT solution

From traffic-monitoring CCTV cameras to digital billboards, a Smart Location connects a place or structure that typically doesn't have a fixed address to Chorus’ reliable fibre network. Covering 87% of the population and over 400 towns and cities, fibre is helping government organisations and private enterprises across Aotearoa tap into the full potential of IoT to deliver improved customer, business and community outcomes.

Think bigger with a big bandwidth connection. Turn your IoT project into a Smart Location with Chorus fibre.


Revealed: How fibre-enabled IoT is transforming NZ

New report: Chorus and NZ IoT Alliance show how leading New Zealand organisations are combining IoT with advanced technologies to drive innovation, streamline operations and provide world-class CX.

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Is fibre right for my project?

Fibre is perfect for data hungry structures like outdoor CCTV cameras for public safety and traffic control units for road management, to connected EV charging stations and interactive digital billboards. These use cases can be in the public or private sector. Fibre can facilitate the transfer of large quantities of data quickly and reliably, no matter the time of day.

Why your project needs fibre

Reliable and resilient

Consistent speed and capacity regardless of demand and weather.

Scalable and flexible

Add multiple devices to a single Smart Location as you need them.

Fast upstream speeds

Chorus fibre offers the fastest business broadband plans available.

We’ve got you covered

Fibre covers 87% of the population in over 400 towns and cities.

A more sustainable option

Fibre produces up to 96% less carbon emissions than competing technology for speeds over 50 Mbps.*

Long-term operational efficiencies

Amortise the upfront connection cost over multiple years and limit the need for investing in replacement hardware.

Six reasons to choose fibre

* Assessing the emissions footprint of the fibre networks relative to other fixed broadband options in New Zealand source: Broadband Emissions Footprint Report

Ready to get the ball rolling on your next IoT connectivity project?

If you’ve got a project in mind or want more information about Smart Locations, let us know any details of your project and what we can help you with.