Smart ideas for the private sector

As the IoT market continues to develop, big bandwidth connectivity is key to businesses being able to embrace the
ever-evolving capabilities of digital solutions on offer.

Unleash the potential of your digital infrastructure

In increasingly competitive markets, profits are made around the margins. That's why more and more businesses are turning to IoT solutions to help with:

  • Reducing operating costs and increasing efficiencies
  • Securing more advanced business insights
  • Enhancing new and existing customer experiences; and
  • Creating new, or enhancing existing, revenue streams.

Such projects increasingly require real-time data management, or bundled device or sensor solutions. Combined with this are continuous tech advances pushing capacity demand from low to high bandwidth e.g. Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data, live streaming, APIs and digital video.

Thanks to our Smart Locations, Chorus fibre is increasingly being used to provide reliable, flexible and scalable bandwidth connectivity to business infrastructure and critical real-time, data hungry IoT applications.

Here’s how Kiwi businesses are using Chorus Smart Locations

Outdoor digital signage

Whether it’s an outdoor digital billboard, street furniture or digital touch screen, tap into fibre’s capacity and reliability benefits to enable new interactive integrated technologies and the ability to secure valuable consumer insights.

Outdoor electric charging stations

With the growing number of Kiwis looking for alternative fuel sources, Smart Locations with Chorus fibre can provide high bandwidth connectivity for multiple services at electric charging stations; from pay-at-pump point of sale, app signal notifications, to WiFi streaming while your customers wait.


Chorus can provide fibre connectivity to non-premise infrastructure like ATM machines.

Fuel Suppliers

If you are looking for a self-serve 24/7 pay-at-pump facility where no cashier is needed, fibre can provide the connectivity for this solution. Fibre can also connect smart lights or CCTV cameras for safety and security.

Public WiFi

Fibre helps event organisers cater to crowds of people with WiFi hotspots at events, like concerts, festivals and sporting fixtures.


Whether it’s monitoring water quality or predicting unexpected gas or electricity maintenance requirements fibre can provide the connectivity to help monitor utility distribution networks.

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