Smart ideas for the public sector

As digital technology evolves and data loads grow, fibre connectivity is destined to play a big part in the day-to-day
running of our urban towns and centres.

Smart cities are connected cities

Towns and cities today need continued future thinking and planning to ensure they work safely and reliably 24/7. It’s a job that increasingly requires automation and real-time management to keep everything running smoothly – especially when considering the multiple demands for:

  • Public security and safety
  • Road and traffic management
  • Waste management
  • Environmental needs; and
  • Public transport mobility.

Thanks to our Smart Locations, Chorus fibre is increasingly being used to provide reliable, flexible and scalable bandwidth connectivity to critical real-time, data hungry IoT applications and devices like CCTV cameras or traffic sensor monitoring.

Here’s how the public sector is using Chorus Smart Locations

Outdoor CCTV security and safety

Safer communities need secure and reliable CCTV cameras designed to help prevent and detect incidents. Smart Locations enables digital monitoring with real-time data capture through reliable and scalable bandwidth, meaning nothing goes unseen and helps with prevention.

Improved traffic management

With increasing focus on traffic monitoring and congestion management due to urban intensification, improving traffic flow through automation is critical as cities’ mobility needs grow.

Outdoor public WiFi

Smart Locations is helping councils provide improved public spaces and campuses with high-speed community WiFi and other Smart Park sensors such as smart lighting, smart bins, and smart benches. Smart Locations can also help enable innovations like microclimate sensors and electric vehicle charging stations as well as the gamification of public spaces.

Improved public transport mobility

Smart Locations can help enable an improved public transport experience at bus stops with real-time CCTV for vandalism prevention monitoring and real-time bus timetable visual information screens.

Enabling better environmental outcomes

Smart Locations can support the connectivity needs for critical infrastructure with pollution sensors, weather sensors, waterway and wastewater monitoring.

Outdoor electric charging stations

With more Kiwis looking for sustainable fuel alternatives, Smart Locations has helped enable outdoor electric car charging stations with improved power monitoring and public WiFi.

Downloadable brochure

Download a copy of our Chorus Smart Locations brochure for the Public Sector.

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