Connecting you to everyone, everywhere

As New Zealand’s largest fibre wholesaler Chorus operates a nationwide network that will reach over 90% of the population by the end of 2022.

With all of the country’s internet service providers already connected, the Chorus suite of network services bring together all parties involved in the data transport ecosystem into a virtual single environment.

It provides the perfect way for users to tap into the geographical reach of New Zealand’s largest fibre network to get closer to the edge and deliver services to more of the Kiwi population.

In the process, helping create a more productive economy and enrich the lives of New Zealand consumers.


Enables cloud and content providers to peer with our Internet exchange partners and all of New Zealand’s service providers to improve speed and cost efficiencies of delivering content to subscribers.


Chorus EdgeCentre is a cost effective and flexible colocation solution allowing you to easily scale your network. It comes with high levels of redundancy and smart management from Nlyte for real-time control of your virtual environment, assets and their performance.

Data Centre Interconnect

A simple, protective, and cost-effective DCI solution that allows data centres to better connect with counterparts, manage workloads more effectively and capitalise on new customer opportunities. Also allows Internet service providers to transport traffic between data centres and exchanges and then onto their own footprint.

Opening the door to New Zealand

Over the last decade Chorus has built New Zealand’s largest fibre to the premises network.

With most of New Zealand’s ISPs already connected in the 600 exchanges Chorus has nationwide, being a part of this connectivity fabric will ensure your data and services are milliseconds away from Kiwis wherever you are.