Better manage your data workloads

A simple, protective and cost effective DCI solution allowing data centres to collaborate better and service providers to transport traffic more efficiently

Chorus Data Centre Interconnect brings our network closer to you with installation of high-performance optical transport equipment inside data centres. Service providers purchase either a 10G or 100G connection to take traffic back to a designated Chorus exchange and onto their nominated footprints. The essential building block to creating a complete DCI solution with features that include:

  • All nodes being pre-installed and semi-configured to reduce provisioning lead-time.
  • All paths pre-designed to meet diversity requirements.
  • Capacity planned and reserved to provide for future growth.
  • A longer term opportunity for all service providers and content and cloud providers to interconnect with each other via Chorus networks.
  • Quick & easy connection
  • Low overheads
  • Protection
  • Flexibility
  • Certainty
More about Chorus Data Centre Interconnect
Quick & easy connection

Chorus pre-installs the node; you come and connect; we configure the connection for you

Low overheads

We take care of the equipment and maintenance costs, you pay per connection


Diversity path is carefully designed and built in advance to ensure maximum protection is provided


We can get you to anywhere on the chorus fibre network


Because we have Chorus equipment in the data centres, adding more links as you grow is a breeze


Quick & Easy

Quick & Easy

Nodes are pre-installed. They are semi-ready to take traffic back to the designated Chorus exchange



Paths are designed to meet the best possible diversity requirements



We take you back to our exchanges where you get open access to all Chorus products and networks

Find out how you can get a fast connection between data centres

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