Chorus EdgeCentre Colocation

Put your business at the heart of New Zealand's largest fibre network

Chorus has repurposed historic telephone exchanges in Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch into state-of-the art data centres. They offer world-class solutions when it comes to rack configuration, real-time control and access protocols, as well as power and cooling back-up systems. We call them EdgeCentres.

The proximity of EdgeCentres to the fibre network will greatly improve performance for your users, as well as lead to a host of other operational and cost efficiencies.

With Chorus EdgeCentre Colocation, we are offering you a highly redundant environment to support your digital ecosystems. Take advantage of our pre-built enterprise grade Performance Optimised Datacentre (POD) in a fully self-contained environment to:

  • Achieve operational efficiencies in terms of temperature, power, cooling and other environmental controls
  • Keep your equipment and information secure through multiple redundant systems
  • Reduce transport requirements resulting in lower costs.

With our advanced Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution from global leaders, Nlyte, you will have access to the latest innovation in DCIM to support your business critical infrastructure.

  • Speed: high speed connectivity in the heart of the Chorus network
  • Scalability: low entry cost with the ability to scale your network.
  • Reach: sites in main centres of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch
  • Rack based: flexible space from single rack units through to full racks
More about Chorus EdgeCentre Colocation
How does EdgeCentre Colocation work?

You can use our Chorus EdgeCentre Colocation to host enterprise-grade equipment that will allow you and your customers to host their cloud and other enterprise services inside a Chorus Exchange.


Chorus EdgeCentre Colocation is currently available at three locations: Mt Eden in Auckland, Avonhead in Christchurch and Courtenay Place in Wellington. We are planning to rapidly expand to other areas of the country based on demand.

How edge computing can help your business

Data always finds a way to get from A to B - but having no control over its journey often leads to speed, latency and cost inefficiencies.

Thanks to our EdgeCentres across New Zealand, Chorus is in a unique position to solve these issues for ISPs, enterprises, and offshore Cloud and content providers.

By putting you at the heart of our fibre network - your offering can be given the edge.

Service providers
System integrators
Service providers
System integrators

Service providers

EdgeCentres for service providers

With around 100 ISPs in New Zealand, homes and businesses have enormous choice when it comes to picking a broadband provider.

A strong brand with smart marketing will gain cut-through, however, it’s customer experience which is key to underpinning long-term success.

By using EdgeCentres to position your assets at the heart of Chorus’s fibre network, you can deliver the high-speed low-latency performance your customers and brand deserve.

Deliver the ultimate customer experience

For broadband consumers, performance is everything. A service provider’s reputation and ability to grow user numbers is greatly affected by how well its core service functions.

Using a single data centre or overseas data centre can create the kind of latency and speed issues which can frustrate users and potentially loses customers.

Chorus EdgeCentres will help you overcome these problems by taking you closer to your domestic and business consumers.


EdgeCentres for enterprises

Cloud storage and applications have meant that most businesses have been able to scale back their server requirements. These assets, however, are costly and complex to maintain.

EdgeCentres offer the perfect solution, enabling businesses to enjoy cost and performance efficiencies by keeping their hardware at nearby state-of-art data facilities.

Being so close to the Chorus fibre network delivers fast internal systems as well as direct access to the cloud applications and content you require.

Private network with public cloud perfection

Your private network is the foundation of your business. The faster and more reliable it is, the better your business operations will perform.

With technology continually evolving and data use growing exponentially, your business needs a network solution that can move with the times.

By housing your assets at the nearest EdgeCentre you benefit from the Hybrid Cloud - a perfect combination of private network and public cloud.

System integrators

EdgeCenter Integrators

EdgeCentres for system integrators

System Integrators can use EdgeCentres for a range of industry sectors to deliver an innovative solution that reduces risk, lowers costs and improves customer experience.

Chorus also offers complementary services which can also simplify and improve networks. For example, clients with connected outdoor hardware can use Chorus Smart Locations, which connect directly to the fibre network, and combine with EdgeCentres to deliver the best possible performance across a network.

  • EdgeCentres are a scalable solution, applicable across many sectors including SAAS, local authority, government, financial and commercial and cloud & content providers.
EdgeCenter Servers

A simple, cost-effective and powerful solution

By using EdgeCentres as part of their system solutions, System Integrators can deliver on their promise to clients to simplify and enhance their network operations.

Operating networks through nearby EdgeCentres reduces the number of suppliers you need source from. It also means your clients have one point of contact, which saves time, reduces costs, and makes communication and operations easier.

Clients enjoy improved network performance and lower latency due to no backhaul between a far-off data centre and the exchange, while also avoiding the complexities and costs of having to manage on-site servers.


Better performance

Better performance

High speed connectivity and lower latency private network in a highly redundant environment

Less cost

Less cost

Lower bandwidth costs, great value rack space, efficiencies in power, and transport savings due to proximity

Highly scalable

Highly scalable

Flexible space from single rack units through to full racks

Greater control

Greater control

Market-leading data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) for real-time control

Get closer to the action

Cost effective and easy to deploy with the flexibility to scale your network, Chorus EdgeCentre Colocation comes with smart customisation from Nlyte for real-time control of your virtual environment, assets and their performance.

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