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Chorus EdgePort is a simple and cost effective peering solution to enable you to better transport traffic between data centres and exchanges

EdgePort provides you with the scale and reach to exchange and distribute your content to all New Zealanders.

Chorus is New Zealand’s largest open access fixed line communications network operator. This means we have all ISP’s and 90% of all homes and businesses connected to our network.

We have partnered with the New Zealand Internet Exchange (New Zealand’s largest) allowing you to get the most cost-effective connectivity.

Combined with our co-location solution and Chorus Data Centre Interconnect you can get everything you need for the simplest and most cost effective connectivity to your New Zealand subscribers.

  • Superior CX
  • One point of contact
  • Control and flexibility
  • Scale and reach
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Superior CX

You can’t get any closer to your subscribers than connecting with the company that provides the fibre to the home. This ensures your subscribers are getting the lowest latency and highest quality available

One point of contact

Because all of New Zealand’s service provider’s are already connected, once you get connected to the Chorus network you are ready to go. You don’t need to maintain multiple relationships, or keep your content caches in different locations.

Control and flexibility

You can combine with other Chorus products like DCI for connectivity to your data centre and EdgeCentre if you need your data centre space.

Scale and reach

Chorus EdgePort gives you quick and easy connectivity to the Chorus network where the New Zealand Internet Exchange and all service providers are already connected and waiting to peer with you.


Low Latency

Low Latency

We can get you closer to your subscribers via the largest fibre to the premises network.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Cut out the middleman by setting up your POP in one place, with us. Our network does the rest.

One relationship

One relationship

Get access to all your New Zealand subscribers through Chorus

Find out how you can get closer to your subscribers

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