Did you just get an upgrade?

Chorus is dedicated to providing New Zealanders with better broadband. That’s not just about laying new fibre cables through the country it’s about upgrading our existing copper products too. The good news is, that over 7,000 properties will experience an upgrade before Christmas, and if you’ve received a note from us in the post, then your place is one of them.

By upgrading almost 100 copper cabinets throughout the country we can deliver the best copper broadband connection, VDSL, to more Kiwis. For most properties, that means you can get broadband that’s up to 10 times faster (based on average sync speeds on our network for ADSL and VDSL). 

What is VDSL?

VDSL is very fast broadband connections on our copper network that can deliver speeds of up to 70Mbps, where your previous connection delivered top speeds of 8Mbps. A simple phone call to your broadband provider can confirm if this is an option for you and how quickly you can get it. It may mean you need a new modem but your broadband provider will arrange this as part of your new plan.  

But, everyone gets better broadband

As well as offering more choice and delivering faster speeds, all properties will also notice improved experience in busy times. Network congestion is reduced as this new equipment has much faster backhaul technology. This means that speed performance is less effected by how many people are using the broadband connection simultaneously. 

What does the upgrade involve?

Every property in New Zealand that uses a copper broadband plan is connected to one of our broadband cabinets or exchanges. This project focuses on replacing some of the old equipment within these cabinets with new, more capable technology that provides better broadband services. 

With this upgrade, our cabinets can deliver more modern types of copper broadband connections. They will now be able to access ADSL2+ and VDSL technology with the right modem. This means a potential connection speed of up to 70Mbps. That’s life, business and homework changing speeds. 

There are a number of factors that impact broadband speed and performance, so see what else you can do to improve your experience here.



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