An overview

From traffic-monitoring CCTV cameras to digital billboard messages, smart city infrastructure is a key part of our urban environments. Chorus will make smart locations work for you. We provide customised solutions to bespoke locations, backed by our fast, reliable, world-class fibre network. Chorus has connectivity solutions to bring smart cities to life, stepping beyond the home and office fibre footprint.

Big connections for small spaces

Police and Transport

Police and Transport

Traffic cameras and CCTV are key to how a city functions, providing the means to accurately monitor movement and traffic flow, leading to faster commutes and safer streets.

Utility companies

Utility companies

Whether it’s water, gas, sewage or electricity, we provide the connectivity to help monitor utility distribution networks and predict unexpected peaks in consumption and maintenance requirements.

Property and retail

Property and retail

Connecting temporary sites with dependable Internet access, whether they’re operating short or long term. Examples include portacoms on construction sites or pop-up retail stores.



Helping event organisers set up, and for crowds to enjoy, Wi-Fi hotspots at major events, like concerts, festivals and sporting fixtures.

Outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising

Working with third-party tech solution partners to connect digital billboards and enable new interactive creative opportunities and consumer insights.

Councils and Banking

Councils and Banking

Whatever the need, a street address isn’t required for the smartest infrastructure in town. From ATM machines to traffic lights, street furniture to air quality sensors, Chorus has the connectivity solution to bring them to life.

Customer stories

Helping Auckland Transport run smoother than ever

From traffic-monitoring CCTV cameras to digital billboards, smart city infrastructure and IoT is the future of a smart mobile city. Find out how Auckland Transport is using the power of fibre and our Smart Locations service to shift growing levels of data quicker and more efficiently than ever before.

Taking traffic flow to the next level in Palmerston North

Discover how fibre from Chorus is helping Palmerston North City Council take traffic flow to the next level. Our Smart Locations SPF50 product means you can now have the power of fibre wherever you need it.

Getting started

For over a decade, Chorus has been at the forefront of building telecommunications infrastructure in New Zealand. Our vast experience and know-how means you can depend on us to provide you with optimal solutions, working collaboratively with you and your service partners to achieve your desired outcome.

How it works

We’ll begin by asking you some questions to fully understand your needs. We will help you choose the best connectivity solution based on the location and outcome that you want to achieve.

We’ll also need to know some technical details, such as where we can install our fibre equipment, and whether the location has a continuous power supply.

We will work with you to design a customised solution that meets your requirements. Your dedicated contact person within Chorus will keep you up to date and guide you through the entire journey.

Why work with Chorus?

Chorus is at the forefront of building and managing New Zealand’s largest fibre network, rolled out as part of the ultra-fast broadband initiative. We work collaboratively with the service providers who access our network to offer innovative products and services to customers.

Customised solutions

for specialised and challenging projects

Partnership approach

with you and providers to get the best outcome

Dedicated support

specialist staff will work on your job throughout

The benefits of fibre

for a congestion free connectivity experience

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