What's happening?

Chorus is retiring its copper network – which means we are phasing out the availability of broadband and phone services that use the copper network. This will only apply to areas where fibre is available. You’ll know if you’re impacted as you will receive a letter from Chorus about our copper withdrawal at your address.

The letter will explain what is happening and how to move to fibre or alternative network technology so that you can you to stay connected to broadband and phone services. Monitored medical and home alarms that use your copper connection will also be affected but can be switched over easily enough.

The reason we’re doing this is because the copper network is not sustainable or suitable to meeting New Zealanders’ growing technology needs. There are better technology options available, and we want to support Kiwis in their move off copper network-based services by giving them plenty of notice, information and the protections under the Copper Withdrawal Code.

We recommend you discuss your options with your phone and/or broadband provider and shop around to better understand all your connectivity options.

Download our copper withdrawal brochure here.

Withdrawing the copper network

Don't worry, we won't be closing the copper network all in one go. A co-ordinated, staged approach is underway. We'll let you know when you're affected and you'll have plenty of time to make the switch.

How to get connected to fibre

Fibre installation is free in most circumstances. We work with phone and broadband providers to deliver fibre into homes and businesses across the country. Find out how to order fibre and what's involved in getting connected.

Am I in an affected area?

Enter your address in our map below to see if copper services are being withdrawn from your place.

Download the ESRI GIS shapefile that powers this map.

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New Zealand runs on fibre

Nearly 1 in 3 Kiwis now use fibre to connect to the internet at home. With better capacity, reliability and faster speeds than copper, it supports a range of online activities.

Why fibre

New Zealand runs on fibre

Nearly 1 in 3 Kiwis now use fibre to connect to the internet at home. With better capacity, reliability and faster speeds than copper, it supports a range of online activities.

Why fibre

What do I do next?

Equipment connected to our copper network like landlines and monitored alarms will be affected when you move to a different technology like fibre.

Follow these steps to stay connected to your important services.

Moving your landline

You can keep your landlines connected when you move to fibre and two unique phone lines are able to be supported at one address.

When you order fibre with your provider, make sure you request integrated wiring. It's a free service that will help to optimise your connection. Learn how your landline can work with fibre broadband.

If you have multiple landline phones in various rooms, let your service provider know. They can then ensure any change in the network connection you use still allows you to keep using your existing phone wiring / jackpoints. A Chorus technician may also be required to complete this activity.

  • Connect your home phone to fibre
  • Learn about integrated wiring
  • Two unique lines per address

How to stay connected during a power outage

Alarm systems and landlines connected to fibre won't operate if there's a power outage. If the power is out, you won't be able to contact emergency 111 services using your landline, unless you have a charged mobile phone or battery back-up. Speak to your provider if you do not have a mobile phone, or you have issues with mobile connection at your place.

  • Do you need a mobile phone or backup power?
  • Ask what options your ISP provides
  • Speak to your alarm provider

Moving systems that rely on copper, like alarms

If you have a monitored alarm system or other services operating over our copper network, it's important you get in touch with your broadband, alarm, or other system providers to let them know copper services are being withdrawn from your place. That way, we can take the right steps to keep your services connected during the switch over.

  • Let your broadband provider know
  • Get in touch with your alarm provider
  • Check your devices will be compatible

Already have a fibre box installed at your property?

If fibre is already installed at your property, simply contact your service provider, let them know you have a fibre box installed and they’ll help you activate the connection. You can find out more here.

Still have questions? Book a call with our helpful team.